My husband Chris and I are celebrating our first anniversary on May 1. We got married at City Market, where I wore a dress made by my mom from fabric from my grandmother’s wedding dress. One of my favorite details was getting up the morning of my wedding to cut fresh lilacs from my yard. My mom also made my bouquet, and we displayed lilacs in bud vases from a friend’s wedding. Guests enjoyed hors devours from a favorite farmer’s market vendor. Our rings are made from re-claimed metal and recycled diamonds by a fellow Midwesterner. Favors included organic, locally-made cat and dog treats and a donation to the Indianapolis Humane Society in honor of our guests and our rescued dog, Miles, who served as ring bearer.
If you love the planet as much as you love your significant other, there are many ways you can share that love on your wedding day, too. Here are a few of my favorite green wedding tips:

1.    Reduce paper – Traditional invitations often have a whole tree’s worth of paper. Cut back by consolidating information. Use recycled, post-consumer paper from a local vendor. Consider having a RSVP website instead of cards (you’ll save on postage too!).

2.    Reuse centerpieces – Search online and among family/friends to find used vases and candle holders for centerpieces. Look at resale shops for mix and match pieces with character.
3.    Recycle a used dress – Retrofitting an old dress isn’t just for Pretty in Pink fans. Check out mom or grandma’s gown for reusable fabric, or look for the perfect dress at a consignment shop.
4.    Marry your significant other in a significant place – Find a venue that supports a cause, like a museum or a public garden.
5.    Consider a local caterer – Food travels an average of 2,000 miles to get to the grocery store. Choose a caterer that uses locally produced foods for your menu.
6.    Raise your glasses to the newlyweds and the planet – Choose reusable glassware and flatware, rather than their plastic mates. If you’re a beer drinker, invest in kegs instead of individual bottles of brew.
7.    Sniff out a local florist – There are more than 100 species of flowers grown right here in Indiana. Support a local grower with bouquets and decorations using locally grown flowers that are Hoosier natives.
8.    Do the planet a favor, make a donation – Instead of providing small favors that guests may or may not keep, make a donation to a favorite nonprofit in honor of your guests.
9.    Get a room – Reserve a block of rooms for out-of-town guests at a hotel that makes an effort to be green. From recycling to solar panels, there are properties that share a commitment to the planet. You may also consider carbon offsets for traveling guests.
10.    Green “bling”– Work with a local jeweler to create ethical, environmental rings. Reuse a family diamond or other vintage jewelry as a symbol of your love for the planet. There are even eco-friendly options made from wood.

Of all the green tips, perhaps the most important is: Be intentional. Find meaning in each detail. This is your special day and each aspect should be a reflection of you both.

Renee Sweany is co-founder of Green Piece Indy, a twice-weekly email with tips on how to live a greener lifestyle in Indianapolis. She also recently launched GreenClipping, a deal website featuring Indy’s green businesses.