Here comes the bride, and what’s that in her hands? A beautiful bouquet! Along with wedding dress trends, shoes and hair styles, bouquet trends also change. A few of the 2013 bouquet trends we have seen focus on natural, local and unique elements or florals. Keep reading for tips on how to incorporate these 2013 bouquet trends into your own wedding!

Backyard Bouquet Inspiration

Remember when you were a little girl picking flowers from fields or from your backyard? Use that as inspiration for your wedding bouquet. Make your bouquet look like fresh picked flowers from the garden of a beautiful home. If you are planning on growing your own bouquet, there are certain flowers that work best for each season. For spring, try daffodils, peonies and tulips. Hydrangeas, lilies and zinnias are great additions for summer. In the fall, add sunflowers, cockscomb and dahlias to your bouquet. For an added natural touch, add greenery that grows in season. Collecting herbs such as thyme, rosemary and sage and adding them to the bouquet will add a nice fragrance and unique look.
Mixing Bouquet Colors
When it comes to weddings, most couples have a pre-determined color scheme and the bouquets match the appropriate colors. Use less traditional colors for a unique look. A blend of colors, instead of the primary wedding color, will also seem more natural, as if you picked the flowers yourself.
Adding Succulents to Bouquets
Succulents that resemble flowers are a huge trend in natural and unique bouquets. Since succulents usually don’t have long stems, the short stems can be attached to a floral stick or chopstick with floral tape and wire. This way the succulents are just as visible in the bouquet!
Location and Seasonal Influences for Bouquets
For a natural look, base your bouquet on the wedding location and the season. If you’re having a beach wedding, use lush green leaves that are reminiscent of the beach and a tropical vacation. Pinecones, twigs and berries make a seasonal and unique addition to a rustic wedding.

Incorporating another Special Day in Bouquets
Pick some flowers from your garden and dry them out before your wedding. Mix a few of the dry flowers and a few fresh flowers for a very unique bouquet. If you have kept and dried flowers from a different occasion (engagement, birthday party), incorporate these into your special day. Making a bouquet look natural and local is simple; just take a look around a garden for inspiration. Add flowers that you see on a daily basis. The key is adding elements that you never thought could go in a bouquet, such as ferns and Lamb’s Ear. Whether you’re growing the flowers yourself, or having your bouquet made, make it unique to your tastes!
If you’re thinking that making all these decisions for your wedding is too much, consider hiring a professional wedding planner. Also, try our venue search tool to find the perfect venue for the day of your dreams.
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