It’s time for your annual Christmas party and each year you like your guests to leave with a small gift. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a meaningful gift for a reasonable price. That is why we collected four unique ideas for perfect DIY Christmas party favors. Creating your own gift allows you to add your personal touch to the gift while maintaining your budget.

DIY Christmas Favor Idea #1: Cookies & Ornaments

Christmas cookies are always a holiday favorite, but leaving your guests with just another cookie isn’t necessarily memorable. Instead, put a fun twist on the same idea by gathering the things each guest would need to create the ultimate Christmas cookies on their own. The main item you need to purchase for the gifts is rolled cookie dough. Then, gather simple cookie toppings which can be divided for each guest’s gift such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, small candies and any other toppings you feel your guests will enjoy. Now that you have all the necessary treats, what will you put them in? Ornaments. Collect clear plastic ornaments or bulbs, remove the top, pour in a fair amount of a cookie topping and then put the top back on. You can repeat the same process until you have used each topping. After you have filled your desired amount of ornaments or bulbs, place each one with a roll of cookie dough into a gift box of your choice and you have a customized party favor!

Hostess Tip: Remember the cookie dough will need to be kept frozen until it’s time to hand out the Christmas favors so it will be safe for guests to eat later. We suggest having the rest of the gift ready to go and adding each roll of cookie dough to a box the night of the party just prior to distributing them.

DIY Christmas Favor Idea #2: Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Our favor idea that’s become increasingly popular through Pinterest and various other sites involves using mason jars to hold an assortment of ingredients needed to create a specific treat or beverage. One of our favorites for the holiday season is hot chocolate. It’s a great DIY Christmas favor because it requires minimal ingredients and none of them need to be refrigerated. The idea is to layer ingredients and extras in a jar. To do this, you may use prepackaged hot chocolate and include extras like marshmallows, chocolate chips and candy cane pieces. Or, you can use your favorite homemade hot chocolate recipe and layer the ingredients such as cocoa powder, sugar, powdered milk or whatever else your recipe calls for. No matter which route you choose, keep in mind how much room there is for each ingredient in the jar. You want to fill the jar as close to the top without omitting anything. Just to add a touch of style, consider tying a Christmas ribbons around the lids and adding festive tags with the guests’ names or a holiday message.

DIY Christmas Favor Idea #3: Waterless Snow Globe

If you’re looking for the opportunity to show off your crafting skills through a party favor, waterless snow globes are a great way to do so without overspending. To make this creative party gift, all you need is a mason jar to create a holiday scene as well as artificial snow, mini Christmas trees, snowmen, people or other small items and a hot glue gun. You may also choose to incorporate glitter and spray paint the lids of your mason jars. First, remove the lid from your jar and use your hot glue gun to secure a couple of the mini Christmas trees (or any other mini scene you create) to the inside of the lid and then let it dry. Next, sprinkle artificial snow inside the jar. Make sure not to put too much, because you don’t want it to completely cover the scene. Once the glue has dried on the lid, you may screw it back onto the jar, which will leave the scene you have created upside down inside of the jar. For the final step, simply flip the jar upside down so that your holiday scene will be upright. This will also let the artificial snow fall, creating a winter wonderland inside each jar. You may also incorporate ribbon or twine for an extra touch.

DIY Christmas Favor Idea #4: Evergreen Seedlings

If your want to personalize a Christmas party favor but aren’t crafty, an Evergreen seedling may be the perfect choice for you. This natural gift will give guests the opportunity to nurture the plant into an actual Christmas tree over time. The seedlings are relatively inexpensive and you can still personalize the favor by presenting it to guest in a unique way. For example, you may use burlap to cover the bottom of the seedling and tie a small card to it using a Christmas ribbon or bow. Also, you may use small red, green or silver tin buckets as holders for the Evergreens. This Christmas party favor presents a lot of options for you to customize it for guests, so you can go as creative or as simple as you want. No matter what you choose, it’s sure to be festive—and environmentally friendly.

All of these DIY Christmas party favors are fun and thoughtful ways to leave your guests with a memory of your holiday party without breaking your budget. We know that planning a party can be overwhelming, so consider hiring a professional event plannerfor some extra help. Or, if you still need a venue for your holiday party, try our venue search option.

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