It’s hard to believe that it is already October and 2012 is coming to an end. The new year is quickly approaching and everyone’s buzzing about the upcoming trends and styles for 2013.

As a bride, choosing your wedding colors can be a stressful task. After all, not everyone can simply wear white like you! It is often helpful to utilize the colors that will be trending in the near future as a starting point for your entire wedding design, and build your tone, mood and look from there. 2013 wedding color trends have arrived and we’re happy to share them with you!


Greens of all shades are dominating the fashion trends for 2013! Grayed jade, a subtle green with a gray undertone, can give the illusion of natural beauty and elegance to your wedding. Peppermint green is another shade of green that is topping the charts. Combine it with a touch of gold glitter and some soft pinks to create a beautiful palette for your wedding! (Designer’s Hint: While green may look great on your bridal party and bouquets, it’s not an ideal color for lighting. Make sure you consult your wedding planner or design magazines about great lighting and complementary colors for greens.)
Poppy Red
Poppy red is a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade that brings a nice pop of color to your wedding. It creates a feisty atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests! Combine this rich shade with peppermint green and blush for a dynamic color palette combination!

Lemon Zest
Let’s be honest, yellow just makes people happy. Lemon zest is cheerful, refreshing and perfect for a springtime wedding. It’s the color of sunshine and is sure to make you shine on your big day!
Exotic African Violet
This pale shade of purple can easily be incorporated into many unexpected color combinations, even poppy red, to cause a dramatic effect. African violet is intriguing, exotic and sure to make a statement.
Black & White
Black and white is a classic combination that can never get old. It’s easy to match with other color palettes and produces a sophisticated appearance. This color combo is proof that sometimes less really is more!
Aubergine & Metallics
This eggplant shade of purple paired with gold or silver is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. The metallics allow the color combo to pop and stand out while the aubergine gives off a romantic feel.
Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you choose your perfect wedding colors and assist with the rest of the wedding planning! Share your favorite wedding color combinations with us on Facebook or Twitter! For more wedding color combinations check out our Wedding Color Palettes pinboard on Pinterest!