What will the top 2014 wedding color trends be? Leave it to the mother of color choices—Pantone—to decide. And decide they have! 2014’s Color of the Year and a list of the other top colors for the upcoming season were recently released and luckily for the soon-to-be-bride, all of this year’s top picks provide a beautiful foundation for a wedding color palette. What topped this year’s list?Radiant Orchid. While the number one spot is held by this bold, rich color, the 2014 palette is not without its pastels and bright hues. Each shade is individually captivating, but the opportunity to pair one of the pastels with one of the bolder colors provides a combination unlike any other!
Radiant Orchid
This sophisticated shade of purple wasn’t chosen as the Color of the Year accidentally. Considered to be Violet Tulip’s “bolder counterpart”, Radiant Orchid is a bold shade with a much different vibe for weddings. It is a deeper look, adding a strong touch of elegance and richness to décor, wedding attire and desserts. Since Radiant Orchid pairs very well with other colors in this season’s palette, it not only works for spring weddings, but flows just as nicely with summer, fall or winter weddings.
Dazzling Blue
This vibrant shade of blue was also a popular choice in Pantone’s 2014 Spring Report. While it’s a bold color similar to Cobalt, it can still provide a nice balance when paired with one of the other muted pastels in the upcoming season’s palette. Using Dazzling Blue with one of the other bright colors isn’t out of the question either. This particular color can basically be used with any color across the palette and still transform the wedding design into a bolder look.
 Violet Tulip
A shade from the purple family, Violet Tulip closely resembles Lavender. When selecting this color, Pantone described it as “romantic” and “vintage.” It is expected to become increasingly popular this season, not only due to its sentimental feel, but also because it is one of the few colors that truly complements a variety of skin tones.
Celosia Orange
Pantone describes Celosia Orange as both “optimistic” and “spontaneous.” It’s bold and bright, and depending on which other color it is paired, can evoke completely different feelings. One suggestion from Pantone was to pair it with a color such as Violet Tulip in order for it to take on the look of sunset. Or, if you would rather use it in a lighter, more summer-inspired way, you could pair it with Freesia for a citrus vibe.
If the color you’re looking for is bright, happy and floral-inspired, look no further. Pantone describes Freesia as a “blazing yellow” much like sunshine. This shade easily conjures up feelings of spring and flowers, giving it the ability to truly set the mood of the wedding. It can be paired with many of the other colors as well, particularly Celosia Orange as shown above or Cayenne shown below.
The closest color to red in the 2014 color palette is Cayenne and it undoubtedly brings some excitement into any wedding color combination. Pantone explains it by saying Cayenne is “a high-pitched red, and adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals.” Due to its boldness, it may be too over-the-top to use it for every element of your wedding. Instead, it could be used for accessories, pieces of décor or some floral arrangements, allowing it to add a lovely pop of color without being too intense.
Placid Blue
This light shade of blue perfectly captures the feelings of tranquility and calmness. Pantone thinks of Placid Blue as the opposite of Dazzling Blue, being much more muted but optimistic in that it is reminiscent of the sky. It is a romantic, soothing color that also has a sense of fairy tale to it. If it is not bold enough for your primary wedding color, consider pairing it with one of the brighter colors and using it as a background color. It will balance out the bolder color and add a feeling of relaxation for guests that is unmatched by any other color in the palette.
Paloma is a beautiful neutral color and, according to Pantone, can be worn alone but can also be combined with seemingly any other color to add a touch of sophistication. Its tone is mostly gray with just a touch of blue, and while it is a little less vibrant than the other colors, it translates as elegant and soft as a wedding color.
Just as the name implies, Sand is neutral and creates a picture of the beach. Pantone suggests using it in the spring or summer because it most appropriately fits these two seasons. It’s definitely a relaxed tone, and would perhaps be best suited as a complementary color to one of the other shades such as Hemlock or Placid Blue.
Variations of greens have been used as wedding colors a lot in recent years, and it is likely that the trend will continue. However, Hemlock is a much different shade of green than what we have been seeing in the past. Opposite of Emerald, 2013’s top color, Hemlock is described by Pantone as being “ornamental green.” It also can provide a style unlike any other previously used greens that complements pastels and bolder colors.
We know that choosing the right colors for  your wedding can be stressful, and we hope this compilation of the best 2014 wedding colors has made it easier for you. If you still need a little extra help deciding on your wedding colors or other wedding details, consider hiring a professional wedding planner. Or, if you’re still searching for a venue, try our wedding venue search.
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