Every couple has a chance to make their wedding ceremony a beautiful experience that directly reflects their love and personality. Use these wedding ceremony ideas to spark your creativity and make the experience uniquely yours.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas #1: Unique Seating Design

Straight lines may work for Madeline, but are not ideal for a wedding ceremony. Rethink your seating design to give the chance for your guests to surround you with love and get a better view of your ceremony. Some popular seating designs to consider are circle, spiral or square.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas #2: Reusable Decorations

Save your resources and money by creating reusable decorations at your wedding. This will give you the opportunity to use mementos from your wedding in the years to come, and be reminded of the special day. Just a few ideas:

  • Use chalkboards as signs for easy repurposing throughout the wedding and beyond
  • Make table decorations double as wedding favors
  • Consider using some silk flowers, so you can keep them forever

Wedding Ceremony Ideas #3: Wedding #Hashtag

Remember all the pictures from your wedding with one simple click. Using a unique wedding #hashtag will give your guests the opportunity for to share what a wonderful time they had, while offering you the chance to see all the pictures from your big day. Additionally, using a wedding #hashtag will keep all the pictures as an electronic file and eliminate the need for each guest to print or email you an album of photographs.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas #4: Guest Books with Flair

Choose a guest book that perfectly fits the personality of the newlyweds. A physical guestbook may sit a bookshelf for years, but a wooden bench, globe, or wine bottle (you can open a new bottle for each anniversary) can be displayed! Add your own flair and interests to the tradition of guest book signing.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas #5: Personal Touches

A theme amongst these ideas involves embracing the personalities of the bride and groom. The wedding ceremony should be a very special part of the wedding that is about the couple and their love. Involve your guests in your love and melt their hearts with little reminders of your personalities throughout the ceremony. Great opportunities for personality:

  • Entrance and the walk down the aisle
  • Aisle runner and decorations
  • Favors for the ceremony (programs, sunglasses, fan, etc.)
  • Wearing matching shoes styles to show your personality

Let your personality shine through in every aspect of your wedding and be proud of the outcome. Need some more inspiration? OurWedding Designs pinboard on Pinterest is a great place to start. Also, check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily posting about events and more. Still looking for the venue to bring your wedding together? Or maybe need a wedding planner to minimize your wedding tasks? Our event venue search and wedding planner search are the solution!


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