Where should one begin with color palettes? Blue; no green. Maybe pink; perhaps yellow. With so many beautiful color combination it’s hard to pick just one. Let us help you begin the search by introducing the 2015 wedding colors trends of the season. Get your palette on!

Wedding Color Trend #1: Glitz and Glam

Razzle and dazzle will be incorporated into weddings in 2015. Sparkles, sequins and shimmery metallic will be a staple in most color palettes. Not sure how to incorporate these shiny tones? One great way is through the decor either on the cake, centerpieces or tablecloths.

Wedding Color Trend #2: Pop of Color

Light-hearted and fun, a vibrant pop of color is just the thing you need to liven up your palette and make it unique. Bright colors can boost the wedding aesthetic without being overpowering. We recommend bright blues, pinks and corals to add some pep to bouquets and other wedding accessories.

Wedding Color Trend #3: Rich Tones

Intense shades of navy, burgundy and royal blue are favorable choices for the upcoming wedding season. Each tone brings its own beautiful saturated excellence to color palettes. These colors can add to the deep romantic character in the bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen ties.

Wedding Color Trend #4: Neutral Shades

White, khaki, ivory and peach will be a subtle, yet stunning addition to every color palette. These shades are very complementary to other wedding trends such as sequins, a pop of color and rich tones. Non-traditional colors were a popular feature in spring 2015 bridal collections and the subtle move away from white would be a flawless wedding dress choice.

Utilize color to produce stunning visual interest to your wedding and all its festivities. Visit Snappening’s wedding planner search to find the perfect wedding planner to bring these colors to life. Be sure to also check out our Wedding Color Palettes board onPinterest to browse even more design fun. Share your wedding color inspiration with us directly on Facebook and Twitter!