The beloved Super Sunday is almost here and is starring the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers – we know, they aren’t the Colts, but who doesn’t love a great party? Whether you’re watching for the football game or for what’s promised to be the best set of commercials in 2011, we’ve got a nice list of tips, tricks and fun facts to prepare you to celebrate! Blue 42, set … PARTY!
  1. Football and wings are the perfect combination, right? Martha Stewart has the perfect recipe.
  2. Are you a “Gleek”? Get pumped for the special episode of Glee airing after the game!
  3. Kilroy’s Downtown is a great place to grab a brew and enjoy the game.
  4. If you’re feeling competitive, split the room between opposing fans by colorful streamers and signs on the wall. That will surely keep it interesting!
  5. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls. Green Bay is in fourth.
  6. Practice your dance moves by watching this Black Eyed Peas video, who are this year’s halftime entertainment.
  7. The infamous Big Mac was first created right outside Pittsburgh! Head to McDonald’s and make that your halftime treat.
  8. Green Bay was unofficially named “Titletown, USA” after winning the first two Super Bowls.
  9. Stay warm while you watch with oneof these easy Chili recipes.
  10. Brothers Bar & Grill in Broad Ripple is another great place to check out the game and enjoy tasty sips and apps.
  11. Brush up on your trivia with this trivia quiz from Bellingham Herald.
  12. Fact: Pittsburgh is the only city where all professional teams (NHL, MLB & NFL) wear the same colors: black and yellow.
  13. Make your own colorful Italian soda by getting some Italian syrup in a color that matches your favorite team’s colors. Mix Italian syrup, soda water and a small amount half and half (optional) into a clear cup. Top with whipped cream and serve with a straw.
  14. Top your sandwiches with Heinz Ketchup! It’s based in Pittsburgh.
  15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has long led the nation in beer production, hence it being it’s most popular beverage next to milk.
  16. How about some Steelers Sliders for a snack at your party? Here are 21 ways to make a slider.
  17. Get in the spirit with face paint for your favorite team! A great activity for kids.
  18. Have your Terrible Towel in hand ifyou’re cheering loud for the Steelers.
  19. But if you’re a Packers fan, don’t forget your G-Force song lyrics.
  20. Sing along with Christina Aguilera during the pre-game National Anthem.
  21. Here are some Beer Cocktails Worth Cheering For. Cheers!
  22. Chips and queso are the perfect snack – grab some from your local Mexican restaurant!
  23. Throw a potluck party with your friends! Ask everyone to bring in their own side or appetizer and you can provide the main dish!
  24. Fact: Both Aaron Rodgers and BenRoethlisburger are the third quarterbacks to lead their teams to the Super Bowl.
  25. Pittsburgh is home to the Clark bar!
  26. Who doesn’t love cheese? Try this Wisconsin Cheddar, Onion and Bacon Tart.
  27. Head to one of the oldest bars in Indy, The Slippery Noodle, to watch the game! It’s right near Lucas Oil Stadium.
  28. Fact: The 1972 Miami Dolphins arethe only team to ever go undefeated through regular and off-season.
  29. Walk into a stadium and you’re sure to hear these football favorites. Create your pregame playlist with some songs by Wiz Khalifa (“Black and Yellow”), DJ Khaled (“All I Do is Win”), Trick Daddy (“Let’s Go”) and Jay Z (“Run This Town”).
  30. If you’re cheering for the Packers, base your party menu off Wisconsin’s most popular drinks and eats: bratwursts, cheese and beer.
  31. Both team’s quarterbacks are in the top 5 of the “elite division” on ESPN’s rankings.
  32. We love beautiful hair, and so do Troy Palamalu (Steelers) and Clay Matthews (Packers). Each defensive player has their own set of long locks.
  33. Thirsty? Why wait. Grab an Iron City Beer, one of Pittsburgh’s own.
  34. Don’t want to make your own wings? Buffalo Wild Wings has some!
  35. These two ladies from the Food2 blog have some great drinks to serve up.
  36. For all the non-football fans, here are some of the commercials Forbes says you don’t want to miss this year.
  37. To add to our few pointers on buffalo wings, why not make it into a dip? Frank’s Red Hot Sauce has one that’s to die for.
  38. Ask your guests to dress in the colors of their favorite team or football-themed outfits to create a fan frenzy atmosphere!
  39. The pregame show on FOX includes a performance by Keith Urban! They had to bring the country down in Dallas!
  40. After you organize your menu and drink specials for the party, why not add a twist by starting a Super Bowl Party Pool.
  41. There is such a thing as a Roethlis-BURGER. Eat up!
  42. Can you believe it? This is the first Super Bowl without cheerleaders! Perhaps dress up in your cute skirt and jersey and do your own.
  43. Incorporate Wisconsin’s best with this Wisconsin Cheese and Beer Soup.
  44. Dips and spreadsare top choice for food to eat during the Super Bowl, so don’t forget to whip up something special for your guests.
  45. ENJOY! There’s nothing like a great football game (and funny commercials), great food and great company to cap off your weekend.

The matchup takes place Sunday, February 6 at 6:25 p.m. on FOX. But be sure to tune in early to see the pregame show!

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