Even though snow is covering the ground and the sky may be gray, your wedding colors this winter season don’t have to be dreary. That’s why we’re bringing you five hot color combos for the perfect winter wedding:
Steel Gray and Ice Blue are a perfect combination when searching for a classy swatch of colors. Pairing the two will turn dreary winter weather into a sparkling winter wonderland, making guests feel like they’re near the North Pole. Oh, and don’t forget the holiday lights! They’ll add all the sparkle you need.
Deep Reds are the perfect accent color when paired with traditional black and white themes. Bridesmaids in apple red dresses and groomsmen with apple red ties give the perfect pop to a classic choice. White flower centerpieces with black or red ribbons are elegant, easy and eye-appealing, too!
Moss Green and Chocolate Brown create a wedding with a feeling that’s true to nature by adding comfort and warmth. Bring out the chocolate brown by using something like pinecones in your centerpiece. Compliment this color swatch with dark chocolate candies or cake. Incorporate moss green with ribbons, attire and table settings.
White and Silver can be tricky combination. Avoid too much glitter and stick to the glam! Flashy silver jewelry pieces for bridesmaids will seamlessly match the groomsmen in black tuxedos with silver trimmings. Centerpieces, vases and place settings all come in sterling silver too. Orchids or White Potato Vines are polished and perfect for bouquets and decorations.
Black and Champagne. We’ll toast to that. Champagne bridesmaids dresses with black ribbon can be flattering to your entourage, and guys look great in all black. Fill your centerpiece bowls with champagne and tie with a thick black ribbon, or fill your black vase centerpiece with champagne colored roses. Perhaps bring in some black rice for your official exit as Mr. and Mrs.!