Baby showers can be difficult to plan when the new mommy wants to be surprised when her baby comes along. However, planning a gender-neutral baby shower can actually be easier than it seems as well as truly unforgettable.

Coming up with ideas for a great theme can tough, but these eight (8) tips can make it easier for you to create a one-of-a-kind, gender-neutral baby shower to be remembered.

Tip #1: Choose a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Choosing a theme is the most important part of a gender-neutral baby shower. There are many types of baby shower themes. Diapers, baby books, toys… even just a neutral color scheme can work. the theme guides all other aspects of the event, so collaborate with mommy on a concept that may be important to her.

The theme guides all other aspects of the event, so collaborate with mommy on a concept that may be important to her.

For some baby shower theme inspiration, check out our blog post with 20 of our favorite baby shower themes.

Tip #2: Choose Glamorous and Unique Invitations

Select gender-neutral baby shower invitations that are attractive to the eye and make the invitees excited to come and get involved. Here are a few tips for your baby shower invitations:

  • Where you can find them: Cute invitations for any theme can be found on TinyPrints.
  • What information to include: When sending a baby shower invitation, don’t forget to include the standard details like when, where, and how long the shower will be.
  • When you should send them: Baby shower invitations are typically sent about four weeks in advance.

Above all, don’t forget to incorporate the gender-neutral baby shower theme!

Tip #3: Choose Appropriate Decor

Decorations offer a memorable shower experience. From streamers to table cloths, placemats, plates and cups, make sure everything flows and looks elegant.

You can find different options at your local party store or in specialty shops like Etsy.

Tip #4: Candy Decorations

Everyone loves finger foods, so why not add a candy bar?

Finding candy to accent the chosen color palette will add to the décor and joy at your gender-neutral baby shower. Plus, who doesn’t love something sweet?

Tip #5: Games that are Fun for Everyone

Everyone loves a fun, competitive game. Try creative, interactive games, such as my water broke, find the safety pins in the rice, and cast your vote for boy or girl. Ask the future parents if there are any games they’d like to try as well!

Tip #6: Diaper Decoration Station

These are a must! Buy a pack of diapers (enough for everyone) and have a diaper decorating station! These diapers will be placed in a separate pile for late-night diaper changes for the happy couple for a good laugh to wake them up!

Tip #7: Smart Food and Drink Choices

Again, finger food is a go-to favorite. Sticking with the chosen colors or theme, have foods and drinks that accent the party. From yellow lemonade, to green guacamole, sticking with the theme adds to the character of the baby shower.

Tip #8: Party Favors

Everyone loves a gift right? Baby shower party favors are a cute way of saying thank you for coming and celebrating the new mom-to-be with us! Small gifts are fine; just remember to keep them simple and close to the heart.Remember the new mommy is going to love any type of shower thrown for her, and she understands it’s difficult when the gender is unknown! If you need any help figuring out how to make this baby shower unforgettable, consider finding an event venue or hiring a professional event planner to help you pull off an amazing gender-neutral baby shower.

For more gender-neutral baby shower tips, check out our Baby Shower Party Power pinboard on Pinterest, and share your own gender-neutral baby shower ideas and photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Snappeners.

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