Take a traditional monster mash and spice it up with some fun propping, décor and trendy snacks and favors! Thanks to Setting the Mood’s help, we’ve got the creepiest kids’ Halloween party ideas all packed in one place, just for you!

Spooky Table Settings

Get started by replacing your typical linens with colorful and fun “monster rugs”. Using fuzzy fabric, or any fabric of choice, clip on a colorful tail to one end and drape over your mini table. Stick each leg of the chair into monster slippers to show its furry feet. It’s easy and a dramatic way to play up the monster theme. We suggest using oranges, greens, bright blues and black as your color palate. This allows you to steer away from the traditional black and orange and add some flair and color for your little monsters.

Wicked Trick-or-Treat Station

Who says you have to go door to door? Consider setting up this table display so kids can fill their buckets with fun favors and tasty décor to go along with the Monster Mash theme. Here are a few of the ideas we love:

  • Felt-made finger puppets in the shape of monsters. An easy DIY project or can be purchased at novelty stores.
  • Large lollipops in your party colors. These are always a hit with the youngsters and are easy to find cheaply.
  • Custom decorated cupcakes! Simple vanilla cupcakes with colored frosting are easy to dress up with edible eyes to make them both spooky and fun to eat.
  • Bottled sodas are a great way to serve drinks kids love in all sorts of fun flavors. Select flavors that correspond to your color scheme. Add some decorated straws with paper creatures and the kids will be loving it!
  • Jars of candies. Simple and classic. Pick your colors, shapes and more and serve the creepy crew!

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