We’d like to extend a big thank you to April Foster, principal planner of April Foster Events, for joining Snappening on Tuesday’s Fox 59 segment about styling your next outdoor event!

April has planned weddings throughout central Indiana for the last four years—but entertained family and friends for as long as she can remember. She showcased her eye for detail and passion for planning with a light, colorful and welcoming outdoor party setup. Check out these segment highlights (or photos from the event on Facebook) for some great ideas to beautify your next outdoor soiree.

As for décor, a color theme can go a long way. April’s party setup highlighted the “lemon” in almost everything—and the yellow details really popped when paired with an electric robin’s egg blue! Keep the colors consistent but include a variety of different patterns. Blue and yellow streamers added that casual “at-home” feel but were still effortlessly chic.

Mason jars are inexpensive, stylish and make great party favors for guests. Adorable name tags on straws add a personal touch—and be sure to have plenty of lemonade or other beverages on hand to keep guests cool!

One of the best little details on April’s table spread? Mini bottles of Neutrogena sunscreen! If it’s a scorcher, your guests will thank you. She also plays with patterns (blue striped wrappers for Rice Krispy Treats, yellow polka dot wrappers for water bottles) to keep things fresh.

Still worried about those summer party debacles that always seem to buzz right in? (Sweat! Mosquitos!) Check out Snappening’s beat-the-heat tips to dazzle at any outdoor party without breaking a sweat.

Thanks again to April and the party loving folks over at Fox 59—we can never get enough of a beautifully orchestrated outdoor event! And as always, share your favorite party planning tips with the Snappening community on Facebook or Twitter. Happy planning!