Remember Franck from ‘Father of the Bride’, a wedding movie classic? If not, he’s easy to sum up: loveable wedding planner with good intentions… taking over the entire planning process to leave George Banks, along with his budget, in the dirt!


Is this financial nightmare always the case? Absolutely not. Unlike what you might see in movies, a professional event planner can be a vital resource and—read on to learn more—a means to actually save money on your milestone birthday party, wedding reception or corporate event in the Indianapolis-area. Allow us to uncover a few myths that might have kept you from looking to the event planning professionals (and get a little insight from one, too!).
Professional event planners are really all the same.

Much like any other profession with a wide variety of specialties, professional event planning services are far from the same. From weddings to corporate events to intimate dinners with friends, every event has its own flavor and level of sophistication—not to mention a different set of details and a varied budget. Beyond event type specialty, other factors come into play like event venue location and personality. There’s an event planner out there for any occasion… sometimes it just takes a little extra research or the perfect referral.

“If you have experienced a pushy planner, then they are not giving you a true picture of our industry.  A good, responsible planner is able to understand that each client may not want to work with them due to several factors (money, style, personality) and that the client’s day being perfect is more important than getting a new contract.” (Lori Solomon, Boldly Chic Events)
They’re pushy!

It’s time we shared the golden rule of event planning: it’s all about listening to the wants and needs of the client! Although a beautiful and flawlessly executed event calls for a symbiotic relationship between the two parties, it really boils down to your requests. Any event, no matter what the occasion (as personal as an anniversary party or as impersonal as a large-scale corporate event) should reflect the host or hostess. Half of an event planner’s job is to listen and ask questions to ensure a client’s dream event.

“Because my business is a service and something that can’t necessarily be seen with the naked eye, it is very tough to explain to clients the value that I add to their vendor lineup.  However, I have yet to be told that the money was not worth it. That said, I would tell brides and potential clients that it never hurts to meet with a planner if you are at all interested in getting help to organize, coordinate and make sure things are as flawless as possible.  If the person is great at what they do, they will be able to offer you several solutions for fitting their services into your budget.” (Lori Solomon, Boldly Chic Events)
They’re way too expensive.

When considering the cost of an event planner, remember that the service is just like any other item on your event planning budget. If you only want help with a few things, consider an hourly rate for your planner. If you want the entire affair taken out of your hands, decide on a flat rate instead. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all when it comes to budget? A professional planner can use his or her expertise to help you save money (through industry relationships, for example) and stay well within your spending range!

“This myth just isn’t true.  The reason that there are so many thriving event planning businesses in Indy is because we are all different!  I always tell clients – meet with at least two vendors in each category to really understand who you would work best with and whose work you are most drawn toward.  I would lend the same advice when meeting with planners. That will shove this myth right out the door!” (Lori Solomon, Boldy Chic Events)

Another comparable myth de-busted: event planners are not out to outspend your budget. Often they will suggest a range of ideas that are below, at, and above your spending line—but when it comes to final decisions concerning food, music or linens, you will always have the final say. Trust their advice—it will usually lead to your dream vision. Franck was just a little overzealous!

Here’s to a beautiful new relationship between you and your Indianapolis event planner! Find your ideal professional event planner in Indianapolis on Snappening, or share why you recommend an event planner on Facebook or Twitter.