Wedding? Anniversary party? 50th birthday? Event planners can have you covered, but how will they add value? And most importantly can you afford their services? We brought together a panel of event planning professionals to get the inside scope on what type of value to expect when hiring an event or wedding planner.

What’s it really cost to hire an event or wedding planner?

What is the price of a planner? Cost is a huge factor in the decision to hire an event planner. Our panel offered a range between $1,000-$10,000+ depending on the type of event and what the client desires.

Sarah Cooper from Plum & Poppy, adds “depending on how much or little help you need most planners can build a specific package for your needs.”

Another factor to consider is your location, Crista Tharp of Blissfully Simply Events shared, “metropolitan planners will be more expensive, but if you in a more rural area you can sometimes get an inexpensive planner.” Each of our panelists works on either a flat fee with hourly add-ons as necessary or appropriate.Pro Tip: We’re sure when you see a range from $1,000 to $10,000 you’re wondering, “So what does that mean and why such pricing variety?” Think of basic weddings running near the lower end, and extravagant ones near the top. You’re not going to get a planner to create a celebrity-look-alike wedding for $1,000. Often planning fees can be a function of event budget. The planner can work more miracles with more dollars.

Do you really need an event or wedding planner?

Do you need a planner? How big should the event be? Is there a head count minimum? Gene Huddleson from Detail + Design, helps us answer this question. He says, “Any event of any size can use a planner. I think it’s more about logistics and needs vs. size.” All the planners agree that it’s based on what the client needs and any event can benefit. Don’t put a number estimate on your needs!

What are the benefits of hiring an event or wedding planner?

What are the benefits for the client? Across the board, our panel agrees that 100% any client will save time, energy, money and stress. Lori Solomon of Boldly Chic Events adds, “Always. Planners will handle all the time-heavy items so clients can continue their normal schedule and enjoy the planning when they choose.” But each of our panel of experts warns event hosts and brides to work as a team with your planner. Avoid the tendency to micromanage or demand their time 24 hours a day.

More Insider Tips from Event and Wedding Planning Professionals

Lori Solomon of Boldly Chic Events: “We work hard to ensure clients feel that they are getting all the attention in the world, but we hope that all our clients respect the very little time we have away from our jobs as their event planner. Event planning is tough work, demands long hours and handling circumstances that are not always easy.”

Sarah Cooper of Sarah Cooper Events: “The most important thing a client can tell me is what the most important part of the day is for them so I can help them focus on that while I take care of other things. This allows them to get the most out of that moment without worrying about other details!”

Crista Tharp of Blissfully Simple Events: “Wedding planers are professionals who want to help you realize your most perfect wedding day. We are not out to scam you, overcharge you or take over your event. Make sure you do your research to find the best planner for you.”

Gene Huddleson of Detail + Design: “We are a service, an asset to the client, and we are a business and an industry.”Event planners want to help you save time, energy and money, while making your vision a reality. They are a professional resource available to help in the planning and executing of any event. So the question you should not be asking is “can I afford a planner”, but rather “will my needs and event benefit from a planner.” To find the perfect event planner for your next event, check out our event planner search. Additionally, check out Snappening’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to help plan your dream event.


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