Most brides have encountered them in the planning process: those nerve-wracking, ‘I’m-not-living-by-the-wedding-rule-book’, awkward circumstances that nit-picky mother-in-laws thrive on. True, you always pictured a completely traditional Indianapolis wedding… but that’s not always the way it turns out!

Picture this. You were that girl in high school. Not necessarily the tom boy, but the cute chick surrounded by guys 24/7… most of whom still remain your closest friends. In fact, maybe your only closest friends!

THE ISSUE: What are you supposed to do about the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and, most terrifying, the wedding party? You and your fiancé’s mothers are freaking out that the wedding won’t be traditional.

If you’re absolutely set on holding a bridal shower, recruit Mom or another female relative to plan and host the party. This used to be a planning faux-pas, but times have changed. Trust us, someone would absolutely adore planning this, allowing you to remain in blissfully ignorant-bride mode for at least a day. Still not feeling it? Host a couple’s shower for you and your fiancé—male pals welcome!

For your bachelorette celebration, dinner and drinks with your closest girlfriend fits the bill perfectly. You don’t need a limo of 15 rowdy sorority sisters to celebrate your last days as a single woman.

And the big kahuna: the wedding party. Luckily, there’s no rule stating that your wedding party must have all female attendants—or females at all! Just have the guys stand in front of you and your fiancé in matching formal wear.

The lesson here? There’ absolutely no need to follow every “wedding rule” in the book.

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