Picking that perfect location out of the vast selection of Indianapolis wedding venues is one of the most difficult decisions for a bride during her wedding planning process. The location has to be perfect. It has to be the perfect size, perfect color, give off the perfect energy and perfectly reflect the taste of the bride and groom. Most people think outdoor weddings are much less expensive than indoor weddings, but there are many factors to consider that go into creating the perfect outdoor wedding before finalizing your wedding ceremony and wedding reception locations. Outdoor weddings are a perfect way to capture that intimate feeling you have always dreamed of since you were a little girl. On the other hand, indoor weddings really allow you to create the exact scenery you want for your special day. Every color, flower and design is up to you.

Here are some considerations for selecting a wedding venue in Indianapolis, whether indoor or outdoor.

The Issue

Should I have my Indianapolis wedding inside a beautiful churchvenue or banquet hall or have it outside in a romantic garden, intimate family backyard setting or lakeside with a starry night sky?

Take a look at the great outdoors…

Both types of weddingsinside or outsidehave their pros and cons. A wedding on the lake can create a romantic warm setting but can come with heavy winds or unexpected choppy waters. (Let’s not even mention rain.) There are a few key ideas to keep in mind with outdoor weddings, but most paramount of them all is having a backup location. (One of Indy’s top wedding planners and Snappening partner, Boldly Chic Events, wrote a great blog about a real-life story about one heroic outdoor wedding she saved.) Always remember to plan your food, drink and decor accordingly for outside weddings. The last thing you need is your centerpieces knocking over guest drinks, or tables and chairs falling victim to wind gusts. (Or, the opposite issuea tent full of sweaty guests and no hydration plan.)

Or right outside your back door…

Imagine saying “I do” right in your childhood backyard. Nothing is more meaningful than having a wedding at home. Backyard weddings allow you to create your own setting and décor scheme that reflects your specific personality. Make sure to keep in mind how many guests will be attending. A wedding at home is a great idea, but do you have the space to accommodate your guest list?

Our Advice

If you’re going outside – hire an event planning professional to help.

Inside for the right bride…

Indoor wedding venue in Indianapolis

Church and other spiritually focused venues offer a great way to keep the traditional wedding theme alive if this is an important element for you and the groom. There are some challenges at time in finding the right location because many churches and other religious-focused properties require membership. If you can find the right location, a church, cathedral or similar location can help bring all your personal, meaningful and spiritual interests under one roof. I recommend any one of these stunning historical spiritual properties for your wedding day:

Hotels and private venues…

Another great indoor Indianapolis wedding location is a private venue or a hotel. There are many out-of-the-ordinary private venues and elegant Indianapolis hotels that can do it all: host your wedding and wedding reception, provide top-of-the line Indianapolis wedding planners to make your day that much easier and some can also provide accommodations for your guests. Try doing a quick search on Snappening to help narrow down your choices for some of Indy’s most stylish private venues and hotels. If you can’t decide, have one of each. Make the ceremony inside in a gorgeous historic building, banquet hall, private venue or hotel, and then bring the festivities outside for the reception. Whatever way you decide to go, just remember it is your day. Pick and choose whatever Indianapolis event venues make YOU happy. You only get one wedding day, and you owe it to yourself to have it live up to your dreams!

Do you think you had the best Indianapolis wedding spot that captured your wedding day perfectly? Share your Indianapolis wedding and wedding reception locations with us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us what made your spot so special.


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