Allow single guests to bring a date? The financial nightmare as old as time.

Let’s face it, ladies—money doesn’t grow on trees. Every little expense that goes into your big day chips away a little further at the ol’ bank account—and the worst part? Some cost-cutting tactics can get personal! Let’s talk about something that every Indianapolis bride will undoubtedly have a love/hate relationship with: the wedding reception guest list.

Did the phrase “head count” ever ignite such fear within you before this planning process? Someone’s bound to get hurt.

THE ISSUE: While you’d like to invite as many people as possible to your Indianapolis event, it’s especially tough when you consider the singles on your guest list. Will you lose major bride points for not allowing your single pals to bring a plus one?

I’ve seen brides earn the dreaded “bridezilla” title with this debacle. It’s can certainly be an awkward situation.

While it is considered common courtesy for single pals to be allowed a date to avoid feeling out of place, think about it this way: would it be worse to have to cut people off the guest list altogether just because you couldn’t let them bring a friend?

Judge the situation on a case-by-case basis. If a guest has been in a long-term relationship, allow them to bring their significant other. If they’re completely and utterly single, simply explain the financial situation—they should understand.

You could even spice things up by putting all the singles at the same table and letting the romantic sparks fly! Overall, I’d say it’s better to invite your more single friends without dates to the Indianapolis wedding of the year than have to cross them off the list altogether.

So don’t get your veil in a wad, you glowing bride-to-be. Share your party planning stories with us on Facebook or Twitter!