Pinterest can be a helpful tool when planning for your big day. Everything is so beautiful, and you just can’t stop yourself from pinning it all! Remember that what you see on Pinterest may have been professionally designed for a styled shoot for a $200,000+ event, and you must keep your own personal wedding budget in mind. Having the hanging lanterns, wall linens, endless flowers and tall centerpieces may seem like a great idea on Pinterest, but it may not be realistic. Pinterest is like a magazine spread. Most people don’t point at a picture in a magazine and expect to have that exact home or backyard. Pinterest is meant to be a source of inspiration, not absolute re-creation.

Keep these three things in mind when planning a wedding with Pinterest:
  • Have reasonable expectations of your vendors. They may not have the resources available to recreate everything you see on Pinterest, but likely can get close with your input on what you like most about the pins you’re seeing.
  • Be willing to be educated about what some things cost and trust your wedding vendors when they tell you certain things are incredibly difficult to reproduce locally. Remember, everyone really does want you to have the wedding of your dreams and wants to meet your expectations!
  • Be willing to accept reasonable substitutes and don’t have hard feelings when your vendor can’t get a $200,000 idea to fit within your wedding budget. Know that they will do the absolute best for you—no matter what!

Pleasing Photographers
Be respectful to the photographers that you pin and your own photographer. Your photographer has his or her own ideas of how to capture your special night. Trust your photographers; they have the experience of what works best with your dress style, lighting,venue and all the other factors involved. Show your photographers what you like on Pinterest, but don’t expect it to be exact. You want your wedding pictures to be unique! Let your photographer know what it is about the images you pin that you like. He or she may not know whether you like the pose, lighting or ambiance specifically.

Hair Scare
Let’s be honest, most women aren’t 100% happy with their hair. Every woman has different hair length, texture and color. Finding an image on Pinterest and recreating it on your wedding day may end in disaster. Find photos of wedding hair styles you like and talk with your hair stylist about why you like them. Meet with your hair stylist before the wedding and try out a few different styles. With her professional knowledge of hair, the two of you will be able to come up with the best style for your unique hair needs. Who knows, you may be able to come up with something even better!

What goes up…must come down

What Pinterest doesn’t tell you is how long it takes to make, set up and build all those wonderful pins. If you click on the link, it will give you directions for one tissue paper flower. 10 minutes? No problem! Put 10 minutes for 100 flowers? That’s almost 17 hours! Add that on to the other DIY crafts you’re itching to try, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Be realistic of the amount of time it will take to make everything and set it up the day of the wedding. Your decorations don’t disappear after the event either! Every little detail has to be taken down and returned, thrown away, stored or given to someone. Don’t be scared of DIY weddings, but be realistic. Pick and choose your favorite pins and use them as inspiration.

Pinterest Anxiety
Pinterest can give people unrealistic expectations about their own weddings. The popular images on Pinterest give people a standard they feel they need to live up to without regard to personal budgets. Don’t be overwhelmed by so much perfection! There is no reason to feel disappointed because you can’t afford a “perfect Pinterest” wedding. Use Pinterest as inspiration, not a guideline. Once you have pinned enough inspiration and know what you want, give yourself a mental and visual break from the site! There is no need to keep pinning ideas if you have a solid theme, color scheme and vision in mind. You’ll drive yourself crazy!

The most important point to remember when planning your wedding is that it’s your day and the start of a wonderful future with you and your partner! Don’t forget if you need help planning, Snappening is here for you. Consider hiring a professional event planner to help create a night to remember, or if you still haven’t found the perfect venue for your wedding, check out our venue search option.

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