By Kim King Smith
Owner, Kim King Smith Events, LLC

If your teen is turning the big 1-6 in the next few months, you may receive more than a Christmas list this holiday. But there’s no need for heart palpitations when hearing your teen’s wish list for his or her Sweet 16 party in Indianapolis. Whether your party budget is $20,000 or $1,000, you can make it a wonderful and fun night with lots of personality. Here’s how:
2012 Party Trends: Keep it personal and bright!
Color can make a huge difference and is very cost friendly. Splashes of color make the room happy and festive.
Personalization makes an Indianapolis Sweet 16 party unique. Feel free to personalize party music or use your teen’s favorite colors and foods. Personalize the theme with your teen’s favorite movie, game or restaurant. Other theme ideas include Hollywood glam, a formal dance party or all-white celebration.
Stationery can also set the mood with invitations mailed in unexpected parcels such as a wrapped birthday box with the invite inside. Our company has an in-house stationery department that can create invitations, stationery, signage, stickers and more, adding a personal touch to your party.
Get creative with activities
Activities should be abundant to keep the energy flowing at your Sweet 16 party. I suggest 15-minute increments of activity, such as a grand introduction, group dance, cake cutting and singing. It’s also fun to have photo booths and personalized step screens for pictures.
Location, Location
Snappening is the essential website for finding the perfect Indianapolis party venue for a Sweet 16 party.  It is always fun to use a venue that will surprise and delight your guests. For an urban feel, I suggest D’AmoreSkyline Club  or the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel’s Panorama Room. They are at the top of the city with great views and a fun elevator ride.
For a club-style Sweet 16 party in Indianapolis, consider the lower level of Rock Bottom or the Rathskeller. For ballroom magic, Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral or  Indiana Roof Ballroom are great options. The Ritz Charles is a great venue for large groups.

Fabulous on a budget
Keep costs down by keeping numbers down. Don’t over speculate food or drinks.  Teen guests will eat about half or less of what you are planning.
The most cost-friendly venue is your home, a backyard or even the recreation hall at your church.
A Sweet 16 party is a celebration your teen will cherish for a lifetime. Just remember that the best parties are those planned with a little creativity and lots of love. The guest of honor will have a fantastic event if you keep those two elements in mind.
Happy planning!
Kim King Smith is an award-winning wedding and event planner. She is the owner of Kim King Smith Events, LLC. Find out more information about the company in this Snappening event planner profile