It may be the end of summer, but it’s also the beginning of a whole new adventure! School is starting and this is the perfect time to celebrate this thrilling transition! Instead of the same old back to school party at home, this year it’s time get unique and step it up a notch! By collaborating and working with your child’s new teacher, you can throw a fun party in your new classroom! What better way is there to check out the new surroundings while enjoying a fun shindig? Teachers do enough, so try and keep their workload to just allowing you in the classroom, and take care of the party details yourself as best you can, perhaps with the help of other parents. Here are the tips and tricks to throwing an amazing back to school classroom party.

Classroom Party Tip #1: Scholastic Décor

When collaborating with your child’s new teacher to throw a cool in-classroom party, make sure to first find out how much space you have to work with, and what kind of barriers there may be in decorating for the party. Luckily, these DIY ideas are applicable for almost any kind of room, and easy to set up!
First, DIY banners are perfect for bringing in a fun back to school vibe in the classroom. All you need to do is take a package of flashcards (math cards, vocabulary, etc), and string these together using twine! Hang these scholastic banners all along the classroom ceiling for a fun and festive vibe.
Another perfect item to use while decorating your school party are books! Both decorative and informative, using piles of old books with twine wrapped around them on tables around the classroom adds the perfect rustic and scholastic look to your gathering. Using some of the books that are on the upcoming curriculum may help in creating curiosity for the new school year as well!
Another fun décor idea? A school supplies centerpiece! This easy to create DIY project not only looks amazing, but also can be dismembered at the end of the party and its contents can be distributed among guests as party favors!
Classroom Party Tip #2: Speaking of Party Favors…. 
Let’s face it—party favors are awesome. Everyone loves a little treat or gift to take home at the end of the festivities! For a back to school party, giving out some school supplies so your guests have less on their shopping lists may make the perfect party favor. Packaging those favors, is the fun part! We like the idea of using old-fashioned paper lunch bags with your own sweet good-luck message written on the front – it just screams old school! (Get it? School?)
Another awesome idea on how to dole out your party favors? If you have a slightly bigger budget for the party, buying a bunch of  inexpensive pencil cases and school supply carriers to put the party favor supplies in is a nice touch, because guests can take the containers full of goodies home and skip buying a pencil/supply case!


Classroom Party Tip #3: Academic Food and Drink
When it comes to refreshments, make sure your guests don’t get thirsty throughout all the partying.When you offer water bottles, give them a fun twist: tape paper over the labels, and write out your own one-word inspirations for the new school year! Some suggestions are “think,” “learn,” “improve,” “inspire,” and “read.” These simple reminders of individual greatness and potential will quench the thirst in your guests’ young minds.Another thirst quencher? Old fashioned milk cartons! Providing milk or other goodies in this traditional form is appropriately school-themed and a perfect refreshment choice for the gathering. 
And for dessert? Pay homage to your new teacher for all they do withapple cupcakes! Top any flavor cupcakes with red icing, a pretzel stick for a stem, and a green candy for a leaf! Delicious, and at least it looks nutritious!
These party ideas are the perfect way to transform your new classroom into a fun and vibrant party before any actual learning begins. Be sure to share your back to school fun on our Facebook or Twitter pages, and for even more back to school ideas to integrate into your classroom fiesta, check out our Back to School Party Ideas pinboard on Pinterest! And if you don’t feel like doing any of the heavy lifting, find the perfect party planner with our event planner search!