Didn’t get enough red, white and blue during the 4th of July? You can celebrate the colors again, but for a different reason—Bastille Day! It’s likely you won’t be able to hop a plane to France for the day to celebrate what the French like to call La Fête Nationale, but you can recreate the spirit of France right here at home. Snappening has a few tips to help you plan a fun Bastille Day bash in your own city.
Bastille Day Venues
It is considered tradition to have a feast in honor of Bastille Day and, in many parts of France, families have large picnics to celebrate. Gather up red, white and blue picnic blankets and French foods for a backyard picnic. Or, if you don’t have enough yard space, check out some of the parks or other outdoor venues in your local area. If the weather looks gloomy for July 14th or nature isn’t your thing, there are plenty of splendid restaurants that would likely help you select dishes from their menu or help you create your own. Given that France is extremely popular for its wine, the Bastille toast is very important too. If you’d like to focus more on wining instead of dining, consider having your French celebration at a winery and raise your glass to “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!”
Bastille Day Décor
One of the great things about the 4th of July and Bastille Day being so close together is that you can reuse decorations. Since the French flag is also red, white and blue, most décor can accommodate both holidays. Parisian-inspired decorations have also become quite popular, so it should be reasonably easy for you to find décor that will fit your Bastille Day party needs and event setup. If you are celebrating at a venue other than your own home, make sure the manager is aware of you décor plans. Also, if you need assistance with decorations or planning, there are plenty of professional planners in your area who can help.
Bastille Day Costumes
Just because you can’t see the parade on the Champs-Élysées doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of French fashion and spirit at your own party. Ask your guests to come to the bash dressed in their best French gear. If you want to go over-the-top, you can suggest ideas like Marie Antoinette, a street mime from Paris or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you are aiming for something simpler, either ask guests to wear berets and other French accessories, or provide berets yourself. Either way, a costume party is a great way to make guests feel like they are a part of the French culture.
Don’t let your geographic location make you miss out on La Fête Nationale. There are endless ways for you to bring Bastille Day to life in your own city. All you have to do is take the resources offered to you, and create the scene of your dreams. If you want to host a Bastille Day party, but need help planning it, consider hiring a professional event planner or, if you still haven’t found the right venue, try our venue search option.
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