Is your wardrobe looking outdated? Why not spice it up by adding some new fun accessories and having a fabulous party with friends? Instead of spending a bundle on all new items, try hosting a jewelry exchange party! Most of us have bought a piece of jewelry and worn it on only one or two occasions. It is time for those accessories to find a new home. An Indianapolis jewelry exchange party is a great way to shop for accessories to update your look without breaking your bank! Snappening has the steps to get your jewelry exchange party rolling.
Jewelry Party Prep 101: Transform your house into a boutique!

Start by sending out cute invitations sharing the concept with all your closest friends and allowing enough time for them to organize the items they’d like to bring to the jewelry party. Try and invite friends with a wide variety of styles. That way you will have an assortment of jewelry and accessories for all your guests from which to choose. Make sure to let your guests know in the invitation if it is just a jewelry exchange party or if it is a jewelry and accessory exchange party. A cute invitation design idea is to make a bracelet out of your invitation. Put a title on your bracelet invitation telling your friends to bring their “oldies but goodies.” Next up–food preparation! Prepare finger foods for all your guests to enjoy. There will be a lot of walking around and jewelry handling between guests so small appetizers are the way to go. Add some of your favorite wines to help spice up the night. Jewelry + Best Friends + Wine = one night of splendid fun!
If you think the night might be too much to handle on your own, then consider a search on Snappening to help you find a list of creative Indianapolis party planners and elegant Indianapolis event venues to help take some weight off of your shoulders so you can simply enjoy the night.

The jewelry party has arrived!

Make sure to have plenty of tables available in advance so you will be able to arrange all the jewelry in a clear and organized fashion. Once your guests arrive, start to organize the jewelry by color, style or type. This will make it very easy for people to find the accessories that interest them most. Now comes the fun part! A jewelry exchange party can be carried out in a few ways: a straight-up jewelry swap, a one-for-one trade (bring three items, receive three items) approach or by playing a game and designating winners as jewelry selectors.

Option 1: A Jewelry Swap
For those who just want to keep the night casual and relaxed make your jewelry exchange party a straight up jewelry/accessory swap. Arrange everyone’s items around the room and tell your guests “Have at it.” Your friends will love the at-home boutique feel of your party. There are no limits as to who can take what with this approach. If you notice a couple of friends eyeing the same piece, try having all the guests decide who they think pulls it offer better! Make a fashion show out of the night and end by wearing new pieces and snapping some photographs!Option 2: A One-for-One Trade
When your guests first walk in the door, count how many jewelry and accessory items they brought to exchange and give them that many tokens or other similar game pieces that they might use for trading. This way everyone leaves with the same number of items that they brought to contribute. You can incorporate an element of Option 1 if you have any competing interest in specific pieces.

Option 3: Play a Game
For those more organized party planners, you may wish to have a few games ready to play. Every time someone wins they get to pick a new accessory! A great game that will last the night is Apples to Apples. This game will get everyone talking and laughing, and can provide numerous winners in a short period of time. Play several rounds and then as guests start weeding out key pieces, move to a general swap to allow everyone to end on a high note with several new signature pieces.

End the night by allowing your guests to pick a worthy charity to donate all the remaining jewelry. A fun night that gives back….what a great idea!!!!