Celebrating your wedding day with the man of your dreams will undoubtedly be one of the best days of your life, so it’s only natural to want to look your best too! Getting in tiptop shape for your wedding day can be challenging, but when done correctly, it can definitely pay off! We headed to Fitness By Design in Indianapolis to learn about the best fitness tips for brides.

Bridal Fitness Tip #1: Get Movin’!
The more you plan ahead, the happier you’ll be. The FBD team recommends starting at least six (6) months in advance. In addition to getting started early, the bride should recognize when she needs help. The sooner your solicit help from top- notch trainers, the sooner you’ll see results. If you’re not seeing results in two months, get help. If you are getting help and still not making progress, then change direction. Incorporating time with a trainer into your wedding budget pays off! As little as one or two hours a week with a trainer makes a big difference!

Bridal Fitness Tip #2: Eat Clean, Train Dirty
The food you put in your mouth is just as, if not more, important than the work you put in at the gym. Eating clean means eliminating any processed and packaged food and eating whole foods. Eating whole foods will keep you fuller longer, plus you can eat so much more when you eat whole foods instead of processed foods. Getting started with clean eating might come as a challenge. The FBD team encourages using trainers to keep you accountable because they’ll be honest! Moreover, keep a food diary and be diligent with weighing and measuring your food.

Bridal Fitness Tip #3: Learn the Drill
While there is no cookie-cutter answer to losing weight or toning up, choosing the right workouts can make all the difference. When asked her all-time favorite workout, Lisa at Fitness By Design immediately said the Heavy Carry workout. The Heavy Carry workout changes week to week. For instance, instead of a heavy sandbag carry up and down the stairs, we will do a sled push for 40 yards. A video snippet of this workout is available on the FBD YouTube page.

The Heavy Carry Workout is a partner workout where you and your partner alternate in performing each exercise. You typically rest for two (2) minutes at the end of each round and perform a total of four (4) rounds. Here’s a sample workout:
  • Overhead Carry with kettlebells or dumbbells – 40 yards
  • Rack Carry with kettlebells or dumbbell – 40 yards
  • Heavy Ball Slam – pick up and drop every 10 yards for 40 yards
  • Farmer Carry with kettlebells – 40 yards
  • Sled Pull – 20 yards
  • Heavy bag carry up and down the stairs 2 X
  • Rest two (2) minutes
  • Repeat the round three (3) more times for a total of four (4) rounds.

For Lisa, who stands at 5’4” and weight 120 lbs, heavy means:

  • Overhead – 26.5 lbs in each hand
  • Rack Carry – 35 lbs kettlebell in each hand or one 75 lb dumbbell
  • Heavy Ball – 70 lbs
  • Farmer Carry – 52 lbs in each hand
  • Sled Pull – 75 lbs and add 5 lbs each round
  • Heavy bag carry – 60 lbs

Overall, strength training is highly recommended to incorporate into your routine. You will love the dimension it gives you and the bump in metabolism when you add muscle to your frame. Muscle won’t make you look bulky, it will make you look lean!

Taking advantage of this expert advice will impact the way you look and feel on the most important day of your life. Utilizing a resource such as Fitness By Design will make that much more of a difference because professional training facilities offer better, more experienced trainers, than smaller gyms, which hire beginner trainers looking for experience.

Now, who’s ready to break a sweat?! Share your bridal fitness successes and challenges with us on Facebook and Twitter! For more inspiration visit our Fitness Interest pinboard on Pinterest!