Oh, Baby! When having a baby there are so many questions that come up. You know you’re having a baby shower, but what will the theme be? Are you having a boy or a girl? Is this a gender reveal party? While we can’t tell you what to expect when you’re expecting, we can tell you some great baby shower themes and ideas.

Baby Shower Theme #1: What’s it going to Bee?
A major trend in baby showers today is gender reveal parties. Consider making your theme “What’s it Going to Bee?” The mommy-to-be will love the cute black and yellow theme. On the tables, use a black and white patterned tablecloth with yellow place settings. Yellow paper lanterns will be a cute pop of color around the room. A honeycomb shaped cake will be the sweet touch that you need to complete the theme in style. As a gender reveal party, secretly give the baker an envelope with the gender of the child. The cake can have either blue or white food coloring on the inside! Serve desserts with honey to eat before the arrival of the sweet baBEE!
Baby Shower Theme #2: Bun in the Oven
What’s cooking, good looking? Give that bun in the oven a tasty baby shower! Most pregnant women crave something. If you’re craving baked goods, why not make your baby shower theme “Bun in the Oven?” For this baby shower, serve cupcakes, cakes and anything else made in the oven! Incorporate practicality into your design and make pot holder garland. Buy pot holders in different designs and string them on a line. These potholders can serve as favors at the end of the party. Even place cupcakes in oven boxes instead of a standard plate! Use a child-size oven or other kitchen food toys to amp up the theme even more.

Baby Shower Theme #3: Mom’s Spa Day
Having a baby is a lot of work! Let the mother enjoy her last moments of parenting freedom with a spa baby shower! It’s the perfect time for the mother and her friends and family to relax while enjoying food, massages and manicures! It’s still a baby shower, so consider giving the mother a gift such as lotion for mom and a lotion for baby! The color scheme might be light and relaxing, such as white and light blue or pink (depending on the gender of the baby). For decorations, place a bath puff in a garden pot so it looks like a flower. Nail polish in either blue or pink can serve as a party favor guests will use and enjoy.

Baby Shower Theme #4: Ready to Pop
Pop art, cake pops, popcorn, lollipops, balloons and pops of color! Let the mother-to-be choose her favorite “pop-inspired” food to serve. Cake pops and popcorn are a crowd favorite. What could be more positively delicious than a popcorn bar? Have plain bowls of popcorn with an arrangement of different flavored salts and candies to add. Give guests bowls so they can start popping that popcorn into their mouths! Decorate with polka dots to add pops of color to the decorations. One of our favorite ways to incorporate the pop theme is through pacifier balloons!

If none of these bubbly baby shower themes are up your alley, there are plenty of other themes out there! “My Little Peanut,”  “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Nesting Mother” are only a handful of the other themes you could try. For baby shower games, check out our blog “Oh, Baby! Let the Games Begin.” Handling your pregnancy (or helping a friend with hers) and planning a shower may be too much, so consider hiring a professional event planner, or if you still haven’t found your venue, try our venue search option.

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