Can you believe that you graduated 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years ago? Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday you were roaming the halls as a lowly high school student! Those were the days and though they may be far behind you, it’s never too late to celebrate those vivid memories and carefree moments!With the popularity of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, staying in touch is easier than ever and reunions have seen a huge increase in attendance due to online connections. Not only are people getting and staying in touch with more classmates, it’s now easier to inform former students of an impending high school reunion. Gone are the days of relaying on word of mouth and letters to your parents to inform you of your upcoming reunion! With reunions being attended by more classmates than ever before, it’s truly time to ensure your high school reunion is top-notch! One of the most crucial components of the reunion is the venue. Try to think outside the box when booking thevenue space, in order to provide guests with a unique experience and create interest in the event! Take a look below as we dive into variousIndianapolis high school reunion locations and the type of atmosphere you can expect with each.


If you can locate a winery or brewery that is large enough to host the amount of expected reunion attendees, this is a wonderful choice that will encourage socialization. Holding your bash at a winery or brewery will put the emphasis on great wine and beer and even better conversation! Aim for light appetizers or passed hors d’oeuvres in this setting. If desired, set up tours of the facility so guests can participate at will throughout the evening.Certainly private tastings and other unique experiences at locations such as these are a must!


Consider a local park if your reunion budget is low or you just want a relaxed, informal atmosphere for your event. Many have shelters with grills, tables and seating provided free of charge. Light up those grills and get ready for a BBQ and mingling with your old pals. However, you may easily have an event such as this catered so that no one gets stuck all day manning the grill. Many grocery stores and restaurants offerpicnic-style boxed lunches that can be made for large groups.

Golf Course / Country Club

Looking to make your high school reunion an all-day affair? Perhaps booking at a golf course or country club is the way to go. A golf tournament can be held beginning earlier in the day, followed by a cocktail hour and formal dinner. This is a great way to reconnect with old friends while enjoying a bonding activity with each other. Awards can even be given to the highest scoring golfers of the day or other less traditional categories – best dressed, most likely to mulligan, etc.!

Sports Facility

Consider hosting at a ballpark or stadium during a big game. Discounts on tickets are often provided to large groups. Some facilities even have suites or designated areas that can be rented for your special event. You could check out the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field as they host groups from 25 to over 1,000 guests! Perks include food, great seats and carnival-style games for all to enjoy.


Many restaurants allow bigger parties to rent out a portion or the entire restaurant for an evening. If you want to set the mood with amazing food and beverages, this is your most viable solution. Be sure to select a restaurant that can serve a wide variety of food, as your guests will all have different tastes. Perhaps a restaurant with a spacious outdoor patio would be best to accommodate a sizeable group, in addition to the restaurant’s indoor space.

Consider hiring an event planner to aid you in your high school reunion arrangements. You may also want to take a look at Snappening’s venue search to determine the best location options for your event. Share your reunion photos and stories with us on Facebook or Twitter! For more reunion inspiration, check out our Party like it’s 1999 Board on Pinterest.