Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. On top of months of planning—picking venues, tasting cakes, trying on dresses and countless other to-dos—one of the most vital aspects of your planning process are your wedding photographs. The pictures from your wedding will last a lifetime and will allow you to remember all the little details of your special day. Here are ten can’t miss wedding photos you’ll be glad you discussed with your photographer!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #1: Make the Night Sparkle
Incorporating sparklers in your wedding photos is a booming trend that adds a touch of romantic glam to your pictures. You can use sparklers to spell something, like the date, or simply have your guests hold them to accent a gorgeous group photo! The “sparkler trick” does take some patience and a professional—so make sure you have both!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #2: Best Friends Forever
Capturing the friendship between the people you asked to be your right-hand man and woman is one memory you won’t want to miss. Have the groom and best man high-five while the two of you smooch. Or, while sitting in a row, have the groom and best man fist bump while the bride and maid-of-honor hold hands.

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #3: Love is all around!
Snag a smooch from your new spouse and capture your entire bridal party in the background or foreground of this picture as well. This is an non-traditional, yet romantic, way to get everyone in the same photograph!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #4: Sneak a Kiss
Your photographer will have eyes on the bride and groom at all times, beforehand, request a candid kiss photo. Little moments like these are what make your wedding day so special, so they absolutely need to be photographed and remembered!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #5: Surprise!
You’re the princess of the day. Capturing your favorite girls’ first-glance reactions to you all dolled up is a moment you’ll never want to forget! Try a strategically placed mirror so that both you and the bridesmaids’ reactions can be seen.

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #6: Mini Me
Capturing the bride and flower girl or groom and ring bearer together adds a touch of nostalgia to your photos. Moreover, a picture like this can be passed on to the little one on their very own special day!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #7: All Eyes on the Groom
Every girl wants to see her hubby’s reaction to her walking down the aisle. This emotional and romantic “first look” picture is a must!

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #8: Hide the Kids
This hilarious photo idea shields the kids from all the “adult” activity at the wedding. This is a fun way to incorporate the entire bridal party in a humorous and unique way! Jokingly cover the kids’ eyes while the bridal party strikes a funny pose—props are encouraged.

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #9: All Your Favorite People
Opting for a funny “personality” portrait of everyone in your bridal party is a great way to honor and remember your closest friends and family members you asked to stand next to you as you say “I do.” Of course, you can also have serious portraits, but this is just too fun not to do! Have the photographer combine them into a Brady Bunch-esque grid.

Can’t Miss Wedding Shot #10: Boys Will Be Girls
Ask the groom and groomsmen to pose as the bride and her bridesmaids by gawking over her ring, looking at their flowers or showing off their garter. This playful photo is a fun way to lighten up all the serious photos you’re sure to take as well.

What are your favorite wedding photo ideas you’re looking to capture on your special day? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter. If you want even more ideas, check out our Wedding Photography pinboard on Pinterest. For help planning your perfect day take a look at our list of wedding planners and event venues!