An important day since 1776, one of the most anticipated days of Americans’ summers is the plan for the ultimate Fourth of July event. Turn the nighttime fireworks show into an all-day event. Continue reading as Snappening provides tips to a fantastic Fourth of July party.

Make it Shine
Bring out all the red, white and blue you own and decorate your party space. A Fourth of July event is all about showing your patriotic side. Snappening has a few ideas on how to deck out your party area. The most simplistic and important patriotic decorative element for your Fourth of July party is hanging your U.S. flag outside.

A flag bouquet is a cute patriotic centerpiece instead of a flower bouquet. Gather your favorite vases and fill with red, white and blue marbles. Add American flags into each vase. The number of flags and size of vases can vary. For even more festivity, use red, white and blue tablecloths. The tablecloths can be solid, stripped or be adorned with stars.

Since your 4th of July party will most likely roll into the night, make custom candle holders to make the night shine. What you’ll need are mason jars, spray paint and star stickers or tape. Put the star stickers securely on the Mason jar and paint away with red, white or blue paint. When the paint is dry, the stickers are peeled off and a candle is placed inside, the stars with shine and light the night for your 4th of July event. Also try mixing in stripes made with tape for the full American flag effect.

With the tables covered and the flag waving, your space may need a little more sparkle. Make (or buy) sparkling star banners. Cut out stars from foam core and cover them glitter. Hang these from tree to tree, wall to wall or lamp post to lamp post. Pinwheels, patriotic wreaths, string lights, lanterns and confetti all add to the fun and excitement of your 4th of July event décor.

Red, White and Blue Jeans
When attending or planning a party, one of the most important aspects is what to wear. Suggest to your Fourth of July party guests to wear red, white and blue. Whether it’s campy or modern, it’s up to you. Red jeans and a navy blue shirt are a subtle way without looking too over the top. If you want to go all out, don yourself in as many stars and stripes you can find! Add some fun American flag sunglasses or other American flag shorts and shirts. Make it more fun for your guests and have a competition to see who can wear the most patriotic outfit.

Fun Festivities
If you want to enjoy the true excitement of fireworks, stay in for your own simple fireworks show or head out on the town for a larger-than-life firework display. Many towns host their own fireworks shows. Check out what your town has going on for Independence Day celebrations.

Fireworks can be dangerous and sometimes scare guests. Snappening found a fun and sparkly alternative in balloon fireworks. If you’re hosting a party and want to get your children involved, have the children fill balloons with red, white and blue confetti with a funnel, then fill the balloons. Place the balloons around your party as you like, a balloon arch or hanging from trees, for example. When the time comes (preferably when it’s bright outside so it can be seen), have the patriotic guests pop the balloon. This will create a shower of sparkle, pop of noise and lots of excitement.

No matter what your plans are for the Fourth of July weekend, enjoy the warm weather and time with friends and family. Delight in what it means to be an American and have fun! Don’t forget if you need help planning your Fourth of July event, Snappening is here for you. Consider hiring a professional event planner or check out our venue search option for a host of venues to have your bash.

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