The saying, “You can’t please everybody,” may apply to many things but party planning doesn’t have to be one of them! Consider including a children’s reception in conjunction with your next adult affair by throwing the kiddos their very own party at the same location. Childfree, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the night and rest assured that their children are having the time of their lives, too! We spoke to Tara Trotter of MY little PARTY who specializes in hosting exclusive children’s receptions, to find out more about this growing trend and answer some common questions.

Why should I consider a children’s reception?

There are endless benefits to including a children’s reception within your adult event. Here are a few of the reasons to consider incorporating one into your next bash:

  1. Often times a babysitter isn’t available, or perhaps the default sitter for the majority of your family is attending the event. This is common with weddings, birthday parties or other celebrations.
  2. You can enjoy the experience of an adult-only reception, knowing that your children are being cared for onsite.
  3. Many hosts want to include children and prefer not to place the burden of securing childcare on the guests.
  4. Receptions are often filled with intricate, expensive, non-child friendly décor. With the children’s event being held elsewhere at the venue, interior design elements will be left for visual beauty alone – not interested little fingers.
  5. You won’t have to worry about parents not attending your adult-only affair based on the fact they couldn’t secure childcare.
  6. The type of food served at receptions can be elaborate and costly. Hosts can avoid wasting money on serving children the adult meal by setting an alternate children’s menu such as hotdogs and chicken nuggets, or other carefully selected items.
  7. Remove the worry of surpassing the venue’s per maximum capacity by moving the kiddos into their separate space.
  8. If you secure a location where children can be loud, run, play, laugh, create and enjoy themselves, parents will not have to spend their evening trying to control their little ones.

Who would benefit from offering a children’s reception?

Anyone who will have children at their event can benefit. By hosting a children’s reception, it allows the adults to focus on enjoying themselves, without worrying about excluding their child from the fun.

What are the drawbacks to hosting a children’s reception?

Other than the additional cost, none! However, the benefits definitely outweigh the cost. In fact, it may even allow you to save money in venue, catering and other “per person” fees that are traditionally designed for adult consumption levels.

How does the children’s difference in age factor in?

Party hosts with specific age group specialization are utilized. A variety of activities, including games, arts, crafts, music and food are presented so that each age group enjoys themselves.

How much time is required to plan a children’s reception?

Typically the only thing you need to do is determine the number of children attending. Our organization generally needs 7 – 10 days’ advance notice, the age demographics of the attending children, and the related budget the hosts are trying to maintain.

What are the costs involved with hosting a children’s reception?

MY little PARTY requires a minimum of five (5) children with an hourly rate and great large group discounts! Babysitters often charge much more per hour and certainly won’t provide your child with endless hours of entertainment with playmates their own age.

Are children’s receptions just for weddings?

No, children’s receptions can be used at corporate parties, baby showers and bridal showers, adult birthdays, wedding ceremonies and receptions, reunions, retirement parties and more!
Children’s receptions offer the perfect solution for your tiny guests at any adult affair! For more information, check out My little PARTY. Share your children’s reception stories and ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter!