It’s time to start planning your class reunion, and there’s one problem: You have no idea where to start. How do you make sure to invite everyone and what things need to be considered when preparing a budget for the event? Have no fear, Snappening is here. Following our six can’t-miss class reunion planning tips will make your job easier than scoring an A was in Biology.

Reunion Date
Selecting a date should be first on your to-do list because you will need it for all other areas of planning. Consider what time of the year your classmates will be more likely to be available. Usually summer is the best option because classmates may have vacation time and their children are out of school. Make sure to be mindful of summer holidays such as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. Class reunion committees generally want to avoid planning reunions on those holiday weekends because a number of participants may have other plans.

Reunion Venue
Depending on your budget for the reunion, you may have to ask classmates to pay a fee for the reunion to help cover the costs. Remember when selecting a class reunion venue, the more expensive it is, the higher the fee for classmates. You want to make sure that everyone can afford to attend the reunion, so try to opt for a venue that is simple and affordable, but enjoyable as well. Consider a hotel or country club for an indoor event, or if your class would enjoy being outside more, think about holding the reunion at a park or other outdoor venue. Restaurants or bars can sometimes be ideal because the cost of food and drinks, as well as space rental are often minimized during normal operating hours.

Invitations to the Reunion
Once you have selected a date and place, you need to invite the guests of honor. It is likely that some of your classmates have moved away or have very busy schedules, so it is important to get the invites out as early as possible to allow them enough time to make plans for travel. Even with a list of your classmates, it could still take hours to contact them by searching for each individual person on Facebook or Twitter, and you are likely to miss someone if you rely on word-of-mouth only. To avoid both of those scenarios, consider creating a dedicated class reunion website and an online invitation for the reunion. Classmates can be invited to the page and be able to post leading up to the event. It may be a good idea to request their addresses on the site page so you may send a reminder invite through the mail a few weeks before the reunion takes place.

Reunion Theme
It has become increasingly popular to have a theme for any type of event and reunions are no different. Don’t feel like you have to choose a theme, but it could help provide direction when choosing décor and food. One recent trend is a nautical theme and is great for an event in the summertime. You can base the menu around this nautical theme by considering a seafood buffet for indoor events or a barbeque for outdoor events. However, don’t feel like you have to prepare the menu alone. If budget allows, it’s a good idea to hire a caterer to take care of the meal planning and preparation for you. Some venues may have catering provisions built into their pricing, so be certain your reunion committee asks about food and drink when selecting the location.

Reunion Entertainment
Classmates will most likely spend the majority of the reunion talking and catching up, so don’t get to caught up in feeling like you have to have something planned for them to do every second. However, it’s nice to provide music so they can dance and let loose if they’d like, or just to have as background noise. A DJ or band that can play can play new music and music from your high school days that will have everyone reliving old memories can make a nice addition.

Reunion Memories
More than anything, the reunion is about memories—past and present. Gather as many photos of your classmates as you can and ask them to submit some on the reunion website. Then you can create a slideshow to play at the event, or hang the photos up throughout the room. It’s also a nice touch to place old school yearbooks on each table. While reminiscing about old memories at your class reunion, don’t forget to create new ones. Consider hiring a photographer to take photos during the reunion so that you and your classmates can look back on it at the next reunion.

The class reunion is all about reconnecting with old friends and classmates, so just create an event that stays true to that. It doesn’t need to be too over-the-top or extravagant. It just needs to provide the opportunity for good company and conversation, so don’t stress too much about everything else. Keep in mind you don’t have to create your reunion alone. Consider hiring a professional event planner, or if you still haven’t selected a reunion venue, try our venue search option.

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