Enjoy the pleasure of hosting a fun and entertaining cocktail party that will create everlasting memories with friends and family. These creative cocktail party activities for adults are easy, inexpensive and most importantly…fun!

Cocktail Party Activity Idea #1: Outdoor Madness

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition…especially outdoors! Outdoor games are always a top choice for cocktail party entertainment. Put your guests to the test by having them play a round of giant chess or giant jenga. Test your arm strength by setting up lawn bowling, a horse shoe toss or corn hole. Get creative with your competition and try out bocce ball or super-sized beer pong. Super-sized beer pong is easy to set up with buckets and a medium-sized ball. Put precision to the test by having guests participate in a mini golf or croquet tournament. Once purchased, these activities can be shared among friends to continue fun and engaging cocktail parties in the future!

Cocktail Party Activity Idea #2: Break the Ice!

Break the ice with these fun, DIY games. Encouraging interaction and new friendships will keep your party alive all night!

  • Name That Tune: Create a shuffle playlist of throwback songs that you and your guests will enjoy. Have guests test their knowledge of the music world by naming the song and artist.
  • A Truth or A Lie: Have guests stand in a circle. Have each person in the circle individually tell the audience a truth or a lie. The other participants then have to guess whether or not the statement was a truth or a lie. This can be quite humorous when someone tells a crazy truth!
  • Who is Who: This is one of our favorites! Before the party starts, gather up old photos of guests from their college or high school years. Have guests try to figure out who’s who. They can write the name of who they think it is below the picture. This is particularly fun for older crowds.
  • Charades: Write down the names of famous people from the past on small pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper in a hat. Divide up guests into two groups. Have guests act out the famous person that they draw from the hat. See which team can get the most points by guessing who the famous person is.
  • Charades Re-Invented: Tape a piece of paper to each guest’s back with a famous person’s name written on it. Have the guests travel around the room asking people yes or no questions to try and guess the name that is taped to their back.
  • Shoe Game: Have guests take off their shoes as they enter the house. Put one shoe of each pair of shoes into a pile. Have guests select one shoe from the pile that isn’t theirs. Have them try to find the owner of the shoe and learn something about them to share with the group.
  • Memories in a Hat: Have people write their favorite memory on a quarter piece of paper, making sure they do not write their name on the note. Put all the pieces of paper in a hat. Have each person draw a piece of paper from the hat and read the memory aloud. The party has to guess who wrote the memory. You can even switch things up and have them write down their scariest moment or how they met their loved one!

Cocktail Party Activity Idea #3: Food and Fun

Cocktail parties are often popular because of the appetizers. Entertain guests by having them make their own food and drinks! This will spark conversation and enhance guest interaction. A s’mores bar or popcorn machine is a fun way to feed guests. Make the food decorative and fun by creating skewers of cheese and fruit or cake pops. Create a build your own taco bar with mini taco shells, allowing guests to choose their toppings and keep them busy. One very popular cocktail party idea is the make your own drinks bar. This sets guests up with everything they need to try out their bartending skills, allowing people to share their drink ideas and experiment with new ones! Check out our favorite summer drink recipes blog and learn how to make delicious summer cocktails.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Start planning the perfect cocktail party with an event planner. Find the right venue to suit all your activities by checking out our event venues! Share pictures of your friends and family participating in your cocktail party entertainment with us on Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter. For even more inspiring event planning ideas, or check out our Cheers! or Summer Party Ideas pinboards on Pinterest.


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