Even Gatsby would be jealous! Our new fun and fancy cocktail party ideas will wow your glamorous guests. Need menu suggestions for your soiree? Check. How about décor themes, knockout attire and intricate cocktail and menu ideas? Check. Check. Check. (Or should we say cheers, cheers, cheers?) Add a splash (of awesome) to your cocktail bash with these unique cocktail party concepts.

Cocktail Party Ideas for your Décor

Cocktail parties are so much fun to decorate. This formal, yet fun vibe is the cornerstone of the summertime favorite. Now’s your chance to be elegant (yet crafty) and diverse. Our first décor tip: thread a string of Christmas lights into an empty bottle for a twinkly cocktail-inspired table topper. Wine bottles make an excellent choice if you’d like to stick with classic style, or choose to use something fun and out of the ordinary such as a tequila bottle. For another décor idea, consider using festive martini glasses as vases to display beautiful floral designs. Don’t forget to get crafty with your decorations. Old newspapers cut into long strips, wrapped around their center can make great DIY rose decorations.  Attach these classic roses to some twine to create a beautiful garland to hang throughout the party. Martini glasses or scotch glasses filled with water and topped with floating candles offer a gorgeous party glow and table decoration.

Cocktail Party Ideas for your Menu

To make your cocktail party the most impressive bash this season, elegant and intricate food items for your menu are a must! Since you’ll want to offer a variety of culinary options for everyone’s tastes, and drinks are the guest of honor, a host of appetizer courses are the perfect choice . Start with a light and traditional soup course with a twist. Serve refreshing summer cantaloupe soup in a martini glass topped with a fancy prosciutto garnish. The next course is another play on the drink theme: crudité shooters! Use double shot glasses filled crudité for a unique take on the fanciful snack. Next, offer guests a delicious salad course with a light and colorful simple summer tomato salad in a martini glass. This fresh, delightful flute will allow guests to move and mingle while enjoying a light summer treat. Finally, finish the menu with a delicious classic—shrimp cocktail! Use shot glasses filled with a single serving size of cocktail sauce (get it?) topped with one or two pieces of shrimp to make an adorable and portable presentation.

Cocktail Party Ideas for your Attire

Cocktail parties provide a playground for the savvy dresser. These luxurious gatherings are the perfect excuse to adorn fabulously fun dresses you may not normally wear. Take advantage of this during the summer and consider donning a dress with ruffles. While black dresses are classic, don’t shy away from trying something different and feminine in peach, red or even bright jewel tones. Wondering exactly what kind of dress to wear? Consider an old-fashioned style to go with your old-fashioned martini. Wide and flowing skirts are the perfect choice for a cocktail party. One-shoulder dresses are another unique style for cocktail parties that your guests will love. A third option? Consider wide-skirted dresses with fun embellishments. Diamonds, flowers or lace are all beautiful options. Pair with a muted heel to show off your style.

Cocktail Party Ideas for your Drinks

Our list of truly unique cocktails starts with the bright and bubbly Royal Sapphire.


  • Combine 1 oz gin, ½ oz elderflower cordial, ½ oz lemon juice, and 4 mint leaves.
  • Shake all and double strain.
  • Top with Champagne.
  • For extra flair, garnish with an edible flower.

Another special cocktail? The delicious Strawberry Mojito.


  • In the bottom of a glass, gently muddle together mint leaves, rum, and lime juice.
  • Add strawberry puree, club soda and stir.
  • Add a few ice cubes (for a fun twist freeze mint leaves, blueberries or other garnishes in ice cubes for your cocktails)
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint and some strawberry slices.

This next drink idea is an oldie but a goody: the Classic Martini.


  • Pour 2 1/2 oz. of Junipero gin, and 1/2 oz. dry vermouth into a cocktail shaker.
  • Pour into chilled martini glass and top with olives.

Finally, try this Gatsby-inspired formal cocktail for another featured beverage: West Egg Formal Punch.


  • Mix 1.5 oz. Skinnygirl White Cherry Vodka, 1 oz. lemonade, and 2 oz. sparkling water together.
  • Add ice cubes and a lemon twist for garnish.

These cocktail party essentials combined are sure to please your guests. Want other fancy ideas?  Visit our Cocktail Parties + Dinner Parties board on Pinterest. To find the perfect venue for this affair check out Snappening’s event venue search, and you may especially enjoy these unique venue options. And be sure to share your cocktail party experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter.