That day has finally come. You pulled through every all-nighter, research paper and final exam to come out on top. You are now a part of the 30%+ of Americans who have a college degree. No one deserves a party to celebrate their accomplishments more than a college graduate. A party hosted at one of Indy’s top restaurantsbanquet halls or landmarks would be the perfect location for your graduation party. Picking a theme for a graduation party is always a top priority, but why not center your graduation party venue around what you love most and what you have dedicated your life to for the past four years—your major? But, with more than 1,600 different venues around Indianapolis alone, selecting one may be as difficult as graduating with a degree in rocket science! Allow us to help with this cram session!

Today’s contributor, Erin Albert, director of awesome over at Yuspie, sounds off on some of her favorites, and a few of our own.

For the history majors

Considering there’s nothing hotter than PBS’s Downton Abbey right now, all you history majors might love to have your graduation parties at one of these awesome historic landmarks:
· Indiana Landmarks Center (pay homage to the venue and the organization it supports)
· Classic Events on Delaware (a quaint historical home in the middle of downtown action)
· The Scottish Rite Cathedral (an Indianapolis mainstay)
· The Sanctuary on Penn (a new addition with historic charm)
· The Canterbury Hotel (heart of downtown Indianapolis)
· Laurel Hall (part of Indiana’s historical landscape for over 90 years – and Erin’s personal favorite)
· Allison Mansion (lavishly designed large open rooms and elegant wood and marble carvings)

For the pre-law grads

Before you start the hectic school process all over again (LSATs, anyone?), have a relaxing college graduation party at one of these classic Indianapolis wineries or breweries:
· Mass Ave. Wine Shoppe Café & Spirits (home to the wall of wine: over 100 under $15)
· Oliver Winery
      · Easley Winery (weekend wine tours)
· Flat 12 Bierwerks (now with an expanded outdoor patio and tenting options)
· Triton Brewing Co. (welcomes all ages – and tied for Erin’s personal favorite)
· Rock Bottom Brewery Downtown (a great downstairs billiards room perfect to entertain a wide range of party-goers)
· Scotty’s Brewhouse (multiple locations across the city – Scotty is a fantastic local entrepreneur – tied as Erin’s fave)
· Sun King Brewery (awarded “The Best Indianapolis Brewery” in 2010 and 2011)
For the art majors
Calling all artists! Check out one of these creative Indianapolis art venues for your graduation party:
· Arch at Chatham (this new venue just off Mass Ave offers art, rental space and a touch of elegance)
· Indianapolis Art Center (one of the largest community art facilities in the United States)
· Artspark (12 acres of interactive sculptures outdoors)
· Kuaba Fine Art Gallery
· City Gallery (One of the newer art spots in town, and Erin’s favorite on this list)
For the literature majors
Books have been some of your best friends over the past few years so why not stick with what you know:
· Indianapolis Marion County Public Library – Central Library (four-story glass Atrium, gardens and the Special Collections Room on the scenic 6th Floor)
· Nestle Inn Bed & Breakfast (voted #1 Inn/B&B in Indianapolis, right in the heart of Mass. Ave.)
For the horticulture & zoological majors
Spend your Indianapolis graduation party surrounded by your favorite plants, creepy crawlers, 4-legged mammals and water-breathing animals that you love so much:
· Traders Point Creamery (gardens, rustic charm, and cows can’t steer you wrong)
· The Indianapolis Zoo (located in White River State Park downtown)
· Mustard Seed Landscapes & Garden (up in Noblesville)
· Kelley Agricultural Historical Museum (perfect for beautiful outdoor rustic weddings too)
For all the IT majors out there
      · DeveloperTown (if you like tech, you will love this space)

For the music majors
· Sullivan’s Steakhouse (live jazz)
· Chatterbox Jazz House (located in heart of Mass. Ave, live jazz music seven nights a week)
· The Cabaret at the Columbia Club (enjoy a delicious dinner with a world-class cabaret performance – Erin’s pic)
· The Jazz Kitchen (private event spaces available)

For the LAS/General studies majors
Maybe you waited until the absolute last minute to declare that major, or maybe you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? No problem with that. Things always end up working themselves out! Until then, consider one of these event venues for an Indianapolis graduation party location:
· Zest (named one of 50 best restaurants in Indianapolis)
· Forty Five Degrees (great food, hip atmosphere and exciting nightlife)
· The Ball & Biscuit (Speakeasy, anyone?)
The sky’s the limit on your future successes, and your party location possibilities. Congrats!
Dr. Erin Albert is founder of Yuspie, LLC,
an assistant professor of pharmacy
practice at Butler University, graduating
 law student this spring, and a writer.
Her books, blog and writing are at her
writing site,