Planning a corporate event, wedding reception or birthday party can be an overwhelming task—especially since there are so many great Indianapolis event planners and Indianapolis event venues to choose from. Think about the time investment alone! An hour researching online, 10 minutes on the phone here, 30 minutes there… it’s exhausting just thinking about it.

Here at Snappening, we had to ask: Why not speed up the process?

The Direct Contact tool does just that. You can contact any venue or planner directly from your personal event planning dashboard on the Snappening website! Talk about simplifying the planning process. Directly messaging your party details to an Indianapolis event planner or venue will save time and ultimately lead to faster results when putting together your event. Bottom line? You save a lot  of time and kick stress to the curb.

If you want to save even more time, yes, you read that right, even more time, check out our upgrade options for annual consumer subscriptions. By becoming a Premium Consumer User, the Direct Contact tool is kicked up a notch and users are able to contact Indianapolis event venues and Indianapolis event planners all at once with a general event inquiry. No more individual emails with the exact same information. Find them all in one place and make contact with them simultaneously. Like we said… a one-stop-shop!

Time to open the floor for conversation. The Event Planner Direct Contact Tool is simple as cake! Here are the three steps:

  1. After perusing Snappening’s options, simply mark the Indianapolis event planners or Indianapolis event venues you want to reach out to as favorites.
  2. Go to your personal dashboard and select “Contact Planner” / ”Contact Venue” or “Request Quote”—a screen will pop up that lets you pick which respective planners or venues you want to recieve your message or query.
  3. Send your message out to multiple Indianapolis event planners or Indianapolis event venues at once! It’s a fast way to ask several of them a similar question and to receive multiple responses all at one time.
  4. Print out your contact list for a reference point – Snappening clearly marks its Enhanced and Limited partners so you know exactly who you can expect to hear from quickly and who may take a little longer.  This capability really puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to making a decision because you can clearly see which Indianapolis-area event planners and event venues have opted to make your experience a breeze and work with you in your planning process.

See? Conversation with multiple Indianapolis event planners and event venues at the same time has never been faster or easier.Snappening is a great fit for everyone planning their next big (or little) hoorah, but it’s all about taking advantage of the great communication opportunities. All the tools necessary for planning an event are just a click away!