Fall is a great time to host a corporate event. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holiday season you just can’t go wrong! Add extra spice to your company’s event this fall by checking out these corporate event trends! Let your guests leave in wonder and awe.

Awesome A/V and Other Trends in Tech

Technology is everywhere. Why not add it to your next event? There are many different ways to bring technology into the mix. Some of our favorite technology trends are:

  • Sound/Light AV Techniques: Make an ideal atmosphere at your event with sound and light. Using AV techniques will amp up your event and add feeling. Some hot trends include gesture media which gives a speak the ability to move objects on the screen by simple body movements, 4K technology to present the clearest and precise images available and finally a well-structured WiFi plan to ensure all guests can utilize their devices. By using the rights services you can change your event both visually and auditory.
  • Third-Party Services: Third-party services, like Social Tables, Snappening and Eventbrite, are incredibly useful for event planning. Use these resources as a great starting point for planning to find venues, event planners, create seating arrangements and online ticketing options. Stay efficient and still get the best.
  • Event App: Design a comprehensive app for all your guests. Some apps to explore for your event include Guidebook, Eventtus, CrowdCompass and DoubleDutch. The most helpful features of an app contain a schedule of events, networking features and polling. It is a great way for guests to engage with the event on a higher level.
  • Tablets: Tablets create a flawless way to check in guests and order menu items. Overall, tablets present a streamlined process to your event.

Crafty Beers & Corporate Cocktails

Team up with a local brewery to bring a selection of craft beers to your event. This offers a personalized and regional factor for your guests to enjoy, all the while having some stellar beverages. Another great twist to the bar is creating a corporate cocktail. This cocktail can either be specific to the company or the event, but make it one of a kind. Give it a clever and catchy name that will have all the attendees talking (or cheering) by the end of the night.

Dazzling Design Trends

Use a unique event combined with a color that utilizes patterns for a winning combination. Find a venue with a lot of personality that will be a great starting point for planning your event. Depending on your event you may need to think about different things that make the venue unique such as performance space, type of venue or décor. Then, leave the days of monochromatic themes behind you. Mix up the visual interest by incorporating patterns or multiple colors. Chevron, polka dot or houndstooth make welcome additions to any company color scheme!
With tech trends, unique beverages and dazzling designs, your corporate event will have all the spice it needs to be a huge hit! For more corporate event ideas, visit our Corporate Events pinboard on Pinterest. Also, be sure to share your fall events with us onFacebook and Twitter. Looking for a planner to amp up your corporate party? We’ve got you covered with our event planner search.


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