If you’re having trouble deciding how to ring in the New Year, we have the perfect solution for you… and it’s one that doesn’t give you a financial hangover. Seriously!
Forget expensive tickets and cover charges, and keep it cozy in your own home. Hosting a party can be just as glamorous as the hottest club in the city! Here are a few things you can do to avoid busting your bank account (or your guests’) and create the perfect atmosphere to welcome 2011 and all its potential glory:
•    Who says drinks have to be $10 a piece? Ask each of your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite festive beverage and tell them you’ll supply the mixers. It’s a cheap and easy way for everyone to enjoy a full bar. And don’t forget the champagne (or white grape juice if there are little ones). It brings good luck for the New Year! Attendees can play bartender by trying all of the different cocktails available.
•    Who doesn’t love a little dress up? Themed parties aren’t just for college students or the Halloween holiday. Who doesn’t love a little dress up? It’s easy to spice up what may seem to be a less exciting way to spend New Years by giving it a theme. Las Vegas themes are great to add a little glamour or a masquerade ball to add some mystery to midnight!
•    Don’t forget the games! Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase and Mad Gab are always crowd pleasers. And by crowd, we mean it. Games of this nature can easily accommodate small and large numbers of players. If you’re more of a card player, get some games of Euchre or Poker going.
•    Spend time honoring 2010. Want another way to engage your party goers? Create a time capsule with you and your guests’ favorite memories of 2010! Have each person bring something to commemorate their favorite memory from the past year. A picture or ticket perhaps? This gives everyone the opportunity to reminisce. Put all the items in a shoebox and tape it shut. Make pact to reunite in exactly one year from now and relive your memories!
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