DIY wedding centerpieces are becoming more and more popular, and give each bride the chance to make her wedding décor unique. Luckily, sites like Pinterest give today’s bride countless DIY ideas that will give her the chance to get creative without overspending. It can be exhausting to sort through all of the options and decide what will work best, so Snappening is helping you save the time and headache to find the top DIY wedding centerpiece trends of the year.

Floral Centerpieces
According to Bridal Guide 2013, the most requested flower for the past two years and counting is the peony. Since the peony is only available for two months each year, the garden rose can serve as a lovely alternative that is available year round. While flowers continue to be a popular go-to for centerpieces, the way they are being used is changing. Instead of making the exact same floral centerpiece for every table, brides may consider a much fresher look. Give your floral centerpiece the freshly picked feel by using the suggested peony or garden rose along with an assortment of other bright flowers. Then, get creative with your reception vessels. Instead of a uniform, tall centerpiece, use different sized vases or bowls.
Rustic Centerpieces
Rustic weddings have recently become one of the top wedding trends, leading brides to search for rustic supplies for centerpieces. The great thing about rustic centerpieces is that they are relatively inexpensive to create and there are multiple ways to do it. It can be as simple as buying mason jars or any other jars you find unique and filling them with flowers, tea lights, stones, and much more. Then, consider tying a ribbon around the jar or decorating it with lace. You can gather all of the supplies at local department or craft stores, and have a beautiful creation in very little time at all.
Shell Centerpieces
This centerpiece can be perfect for beach-inspired weddings or those brides who are looking for a relaxed reception vibe. Use an assortment of shells, dried starfish, pebbles, and sand to create the perfect beach centerpiece inside a glass dish, jar or even a fishbowl. For another fun option, use conch cells and fill them with flowers. Either way, shell centerpieces are sure to add some fun and uniqueness to any wedding.
Birdcage Centerpieces

If you’re planning a vintage-style wedding, you may consider using birdcages to make a centerpiece. Gather birdcages in different shapes and sizes and paint them any color you wish. Then, to add some flair, place flowers of your choice inside the birdcage. Or, if you wish to use something other than flowers, candles are a nice touch as an alternative.
No matter which you choose, DIY centerpieces add your own sense of style and creativity to your wedding. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may consider hiring a professional wedding planner to help organize the event. Or, if you are still searching for your perfect wedding venue, check out our venue search option.
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