A lot of today’s brides are trying to save money anyway they can. With the average cost of today’s wedding topping out at $26,000, the savvy bride must be strategic about priorities and where to make her impact investments. If you dream about a fancy elegant Indianapolis wedding but are trying to stay on a budget for your wedding day, then why not create your own wedding items and DIY? Snappening has assembled some great DIY centerpieces, invitations, decorations and many more items that really can help you save a few extra pennies on your wedding extravaganza. Use all the money you save creating your decorations towards the cost of a gorgeous Indianapolis wedding venuewedding planner or an extra special honeymoon destination!

Wedding centerpieces, if unplanned, can become one of the most costly wedding items. Instead of spending a bundle on store-bought items, spend some time putting together your own centerpieces. Creating your own may take a little time, but it will be well worth it in the end with all the money you save. Candles are great items that can really make stylish table decorations with just a little creative touch. Combine candles and mirrors of different heights to give the illusion of many candles. Fish bowls or vases can also make a great centerpiece when paired with candles or flowers. Floating candles in water with flowers, rocks or colored stones can really present a chic look at any wedding. (Consider seasonal, local florals to ensure your wedding floral budget stays within reach as well.)

A new popular DIY trend right now is edible centerpieces. Decorate a small cake tier to match your overall wedding theme. Place tasty treats of your choicecupcakes, candy-filled dishes or decorative cookieson a small cake tier in the center of your table. Style your cake tier with fancy ribbon, gems or flower petals. Your guests will love the treats that await them at their seats.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own wedding invitations. The cost of wedding invitations and save-the-date cards can really add up, especially if you have a fairly large guest list. Doilies are a great addition to any invitation. If shaped into envelope liners and paired with sophisticated stationary, they can add a very chic and stylish look.

A great way to accomplish an elegant wedding invitation is by embossing your wedding invitations or envelopes. You will be able to create just the right font to design your very own personalized wedding day cards; then use it on all your wedding day details.

Layer your invitations with cardstock to make them pop. Layering is a great way to add that look of luxury. Creating pocket folds in your invitations are also a nice way to add that extra something. Add the finishing touches to your invites with gorgeous ribbon, fancy gems or personalized labels! Creating your own wedding invitations is a very intimate, romantic way to kick off your Indianapolis wedding celebration and will definitely be remembered by all your guests.


Jars of all different shapes and sizes filled with flowers, stones or other little baubles can be great decorations for any Indianapolis wedding. Apothecary jars tend to be very common but there are many more options. Vases are fabulously inexpensive, easy to find alternatives. To enhance a rustic look, consider using small pails or wicker baskets. Fill them with your favorite flowers, top it off with some ribbon and call it a day!

Hanging lanterns can create an elegant starry night for your wedding reception. String the lanterns above the dance floor to create a romantic ambiance for all your guests. Constructing your own hanging lanterns won’t take long and is a great money-saving wedding decoration.

All brides have the same fear when creating their own wedding decorations. They fear their wedding will look tacky and cheap. This need not be the case. A very fashionable DIY wedding decoration is tissue pomanders. Pomanders are a perfect way to dress up any wedding space. Whether you’re getting married outside, in a church or in a fancy Indianapolis wedding venue tissue pomanders can be a great lining to your aisle. If you don’t want to use tissue paper try using silk or other fabrics.

With any DIY wedding decoration that you create, keep in mind that adding depth and height can make an ordinary display extraordinary. By simply using boxes or even phone books you can make any display really stand out. Wrap the boxes and phone books in decorative paper or cover them in flowing linens that match your overall décor.

Once last tip!

Consider hiring a professional planner to help you with all your wedding advice. They will oftentimes save you more money in the long run and can be consulted near the beginning about where to make key investments, and where trimming is possible without sacrificing style and grace. Consultations are sometimes less costly or free (depending on the arrangement) and can point you in the right direction.

These are a just a few ideas that will save you money but will still allow you to pull off a gorgeous wedding. Be as imaginative as your heart desires!