Do you find yourself debating on whether or not to have a coat check at your event? Do you often forget about it until the last minute? Guest writer Derek Pacqué, the founder and CEO of Indy startup CoatChex, shares his expert advice on how to plan the perfect coat check. His high-tech, ticketless coat checking system might change your mind on whether or not to include this extra perk for your guests!


Don’t Sweat the Coat Check

By Derek Pacque, founder and CEO of Indy-based startup CoatChex

Planning the perfect event almost always comes down to the details. As we enter the chilly months here in the Midwest, one detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is offering a coat check service. From arrival to departure, guests can go through the night with little worry and extra comfort knowing their belongings are accounted for and waiting for them.

So what holds people back from offering this extra perk? Normally, logistics and liability are enough to deter event planners and event venuesfrom staffing the station. But, the decision to offer a coat check shouldn’t be shot down too soon.

With our new technology at CoatChex, we eliminate the risk by eliminating the tickets. The high-tech service links each coat with its owner’s picture and phone number while also offering an easy way to pay. This allows for every coat to be securely returned at the close of the event. The technology also tracks each coat’s location on the rack, which makes finding it faster and easier. Because of the technology, CoatChex works smoothly with small- or large-scale events to get guests in and out efficiently and quickly.

So, whether your station is ticketless or not, here are a few steps to planning that much-needed coat check for your next party this fall and winter:


Step 1 – Cost: Price Check on the Coat Check

With the CoatChex system, event planners still have the ability to decide whether to charge patrons per coat or provide a complimentary service. It is most common for events to have a complimentary coat check for guests and build the cost of each coat checked into the ticket price (to cover the costs of running the station). In this scenario, attendants usually have a higher tip average. However, per-coat prices in the $2-$6 range is typical for most event venues. CoatChex can work with you to find the best arrangement for your needs.


Step 2 – Space: How to Squeeze in the Station

Some venues have space for a built-in coat check station, which makes things much easier for event planners. For those venues that don’t have a pre-existing set up, CoatChex offers the perfect solution. The station is highly mobile and easy to transport. In addition, it takes less than 10 minutes to install and remove, which is helpful for venues and planners operating on a tight schedule. Worried about the lack of space? CoatChex’s racks can be adjusted to fit in any designated area.


Step 3 – Staff: Who runs the Show?

Normally 1-4 attendants are needed to securely run a coat check (depending on the size of the event). However, a digital coat check system, such as CoatChex, uses fewer attendants than a traditional ticketed system, saving space and money. Choose to run the CoatChex station internally with your own staff or hire CoatChex as a completely turn-key service (we take care of equipment, setup/tear down, and staffing).  The Digital CoatChex System eliminates the uncertainty of which items belong to which guests, making the attendants feel more comfortable handling belongings. This increases the coat check’s reliability and efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.

Coat checks are valuable, but traditional ticketed stations have increased risk of misplaced coats and forgotten belongings due to lost tickets. CoatChex eliminates the most common problems associated with traditional coat checks, making it one less thing the event planner has to worry about. Explore your options, consider the cost, space and staffing of your coat check to make the best decision for your event.


Derek Pacque is a young, Indy-based entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of CoatChex. He began the business in the bars and nightclubs of Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., and has experienced quick growth and success since the start of his company. Derek is an expert in technology, business and the bailment industry. Check out CoatChex at, Facebook or Twitter.