Who doesn’t love chocolate-dipped strawberries, flower-shaped pineapple and flowers you can eat? Edible centerpieces are a wonderful way to brighten the day. Spread the joy by using edible centerpieces for your next event! Fruit is an obvious option for an edible centerpieces, but don’t stop there! There are a lot of different things that will make for beautiful and original additions to a centerpiece.

Edible Idea #1: Fruit
Fruit is a great fresh option for a summer edible centerpiece. Cut melons and pineapple into flowers, stars or any shape preferred. Dip strawberries into chocolate (regular or white) for an extra tasty treat. Some good fruits for arrangements include: berries, oranges, kiwi, apples, star fruit and peaches.

Edible Idea #2: Vegetables
Vegetables can be found in a variety of shapes and colors. Use cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers to brighten the table. Peppers do well when cut into different shapes. Broccoli and cauliflower make great fillers. Cucumber and carrots are easy to cut into shapes when making an arrangement and look great when combined to make a flower. Place cups of veggie dip around the table as an addition. Put carrots, radishes and sprouts into a clear vase and allow the stems to serve as a “floral”-esque bouquet!

Edible Idea #3: Other Tasty Treats

Add cookies or marshmallows to create a dessert arrangement, or combine with a fruit-based arrangement. Cookies can be cut into any shape, then decorated. Another, often overlooked option is edible flowers! Many of the flowers we see in beautiful floral arrangements are edible and make a vibrant addition to an edible centerpiece. Day Lilies, carnations and marigolds are just a few options.

Insider Tip: When considering edible flowers, be certain to do your research, as not all flowers can be eaten.

If you desire a more unique centerpiece, consider creating a special design using cake, rice krispies or cookies cut into specific shapes. Then, decorate these using a variety of foods and confections. For a beach design, use brown sugar as sand. Coconut dyed green doubles as grass. The possibilities are endless!

Edible centerpieces are sure to create a buzz around your next event! For help with planning your event, use our event planner search at Snappening.com.

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