Summer is one of the best times to get your friends and family together for a celebration! However, the summer days are quickly dwindling. Soon enough there will be a chill in the air and the sun will begin going down sooner in the evening. Hosting an end-of-summer party is the perfect way to celebrate the conclusion of the season. Here are some excellent themes and ideas for making your end-of-summer party truly stand out:

Hawaiian Luau Summer Party

Order flower leis for your guests to wear and take home as party favors. Encourage everyone to arrive in their favorite tropical or cruise attire, including sundresses and Hawaiian shirts. If children will be attending, make a designated “beach” area by placing a tarp on the lawn and pouring sand over it. Include sand pails and shovels and various other toys for the kiddos. Fill a child-size swimming pool with ice for liquid refreshments. Adorn the backyard with flip-flops “walking” around the perimeter of the party, placing a tea light inside each one. If you really want to get into the spirit, you can even roast a pig for the main course.

Reggae Summer Party

For a rockin’ Reggae party, go for bright and bold colors—orange, lime green, yellow and purple. Include a photo booth set-up with colorful hats and dreadlock-style wigs. Be sure your musical playlist includes Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff.

“Groovy Decade” Summer Party

Just think of how much fun you could have with a 1970’s party. Break out the disco ball, hip huggers, platform shoes and peace signs! Listen to Simon & Garfunkel, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles to set the mood. For fun, put out the hot 70’s games Twister, Yahtzee and Battleship. Party favors could include Nerf balls, Etch-A-Sketch or pet rocks, which were all popular fads throughout the decade.

“Relive Your Glory Days” Summer Party

Remember the good, old, carefree days? Relive this time of childlike revelry with a simple kegger party! Simply get a keg or two of your guests’ favorite beer and prepare some fuss-free fare and lighthearted music.

Potluck Picnic Summer Party

You won’t have to do all the cooking and food prep, which requires less time and cost than a traditional party. Send invitations not only inviting guests but also informing them to bring either an appetizer, side, main dish or dessert so you end up with a well-rounded spread. You can purchase vinyl tablecloths and have them situated around the backyard for authentic picnic flair.

Dog Days of Summer Pet-Friendly Party

Invite guests to bring their well-behaved dogs so everyone can join in the end of summer festivities. Provide children’s swimming pools for the furry friends to cool off in, as well as toys and some tasty pet-friendly peanut butter frozen treats.

Asian Summer Party

Include a small vase of lucky bamboo at each place setting for decoration, and for guests to take home as party favors. As for the menu, place a catering order with a local Chinese carryout establishment. Include sweet and sour chicken, kung pao pork, garlic shrimp, fried rice, lo mein, crab rangoon, egg rolls and fortune cookies in a buffet-style manner.

Outdoor Movie Summer Party

Plan a backyard movie bash. All you need is to rent a projector, hang a sheet and select a movie. Style a theater out of beanbag chairs, cushions, pillows and the like so all your guests will be comfortable. Serve popcorn, candy, soda and all the other yummy goodness that goes along with the partaking of a motion picture.

If you’d like help coordinating your celebration, consider hiring a professional event planner to aid you in your preparations. Share your summer party ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter! For even more inspiration, check out our Summer Party Ideas board on Pinterest.