Becoming engaged is an amazing feeling that you want to share with everyone. Now that you’re spoken for, it’s time to gather your bridal party, friends, co-workers and family to fill them in on the upcoming nuptial details! The gals are sure to want to see the engagement ring and hear you recount of the proposal and the guys will want to grill the groom on when and where the bachelor party will be going down! It’s an exciting time and one of the best ways to get everyone together is by hosting an engagement party. Take a look below as we dive into the biggest engagement party trends of the year.


Engagement Party Basics

The purpose of the engagement party is multifaceted and depends on who is hosting it. Some couples choose to host their engagement party as a way to honor their bridal party, family and friends who will no doubt be putting lots of time and money into their upcoming wedding. However, sometimes one or more members of the bridal party or a family member will choose to fete the twosome and incur the costs of the celebration, as a way to pay tribute to the engaged pair. Either way, the bride and groom may choose to announce their bridal party at the event and allow everyone involved the opportunity to meet and socialize before being thrust into all of the festivities.


Terrific Engagement Party Themes

Determining an engagement theme can help to streamline the entire process and actually make planning easier. First, think about the type of couple you are. What are your hobbies, interests and preferences? Are you a metropolitan, sophisticated pair who enjoy fine dining and the symphony, or are you a laid back duo who loves casual movie nights with Chinese take-out? Although this is all so new, try to determine what style wedding you intend on having. Will it be casual, rustic, traditional or black-tie formal? Keep all of these elements in mind when selecting the engagement party theme. Check out these out of the ordinary ideas:

  • Up, Up and Away: Rent a hot air balloon and enjoy appetizers and cocktails mid-flight
  • Swirl, Sniff, Sip: Arrange a wine tasting in your home or at a winery or restaurant of your choice
  • Big Game Suite: Book a suite or VIP seats to watch your favorite team in style at a stadium or sports facility
  • Studio 54 Redux: Organize a night out on the town at your favorite nightclub dancing under the disco ball


Magnificent Menus for Engagement Parties

When it comes to what to serve, it’s totally based on personal preference, number of guests and selected theme. Anything from passed appetizers or tasting stations to BBQ fare or a family-style buffet can be a perfect menu for your engagement party preference. Also remember to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests to enjoy. Serve fruity cocktails such as the Sweetheart, Ever After or the Love Letter. If you’re looking to keep costs down, consider a dessert and champagne menu featuring delectable fare for guests to choose from.

Whatever your engagement party preference, consider hiring an event planner to aid you in your preparations. You may also want to take a look at Snappening’s venue search to determine the best location options for your event. Share your engagement party tips and stories with us onFacebook or Twitter! For even more inspiration, check out our She Said Yes! Proposals + Engagement Party Ideas board or Wedding Designsboard on Pinterest.