Before you immediately decide a pink bridal shower, red wedding, or blue birthday party makes the most sense, check out today’s blog about which colors evoke what feelings and moods for event attendees. By arming yourself with knowledge about the importance of color and how it affects others, you can select the perfect hues for your next function. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, these event color schemes will create the perfect mood for any party.
Bachelorette Party Red
A lot of people choose red for weddings, although it actually may be a better choice for a bachelorette party or similarly emotionally charged activity. There’s a reason we associate red with passion. Research shows that the best way for a single girl to attract a mate is to wear red. Red evokes desire, anger and fear, thus choosing red for a wedding might not be the best bet—instead opt for red color schemes when planning a bachelorette party, or other types of parties worthy of desire and dramatic feelings!
Corporate Events Blue
Psychologically, blue evokes the polar (get it, polar?) opposite of red. Blue conveys feelings of tranquility and lowers blood pressure. Wearing blue does the same, conjuring feelings of calmness and relaxation for those around you. Utilizing blue in corporate events, meetings and other business ventures that may otherwise be stressful or at least make some nervous, is a perfect color scheme. The boss or main spokesperson of the event should absolutely wear blue during their presentation in order to engage the room without overpowering. Blue is associated with trustworthiness, dependability and strength, and wearing this color as well as using it in your event color scheme is an excellent choice.
Baby Shower Green
Not surprisingly, green is associated with the environment. Wearing green for any kind of corporate or other green friendly event is a given. Another use for green in event décor is for a baby shower! Green is psychologically associated with new growth so it’s a perfect choice for celebrating the growth of a new baby! Green also gives those viewing it a refreshed feeling, which may be perfect for a tired, very-pregnant mommy!
Fundraiser Orange
Orange, most often associated with a holiday full of candy-eating, evokes action and feelings of invigoration and enthusiasm—the perfect color to weave into your next fundraiser! Motivating volunteers, employees and fundraising participants is an easier way to bring life to your event simply by incorporating orange décor. Orange also stands out from the crowd without being too distracting. Drawing positive attention while evoking feelings of endurance and energy makes it the ultimate hue for fundraising events!
Formal Black
While black can sometimes be associated with mourning, funerals and wakes, it’s more currently seen merely as a formal color. Black is associated with limousines, gowns and black-tie events, thus using black in your color scheme lends itself  to a fancier and more sophisticated vibe. We recommend black as your event color scheme for any kind of gala or black-tie function.
These are just a few options for your next event color scheme. Be sure to check out all our color palette ideas (not just for weddings!) on our Wedding Color Palettes pinboard. Make sure to share your event color scheme photos with us on Facebook andTwitter. Find the perfect event planner to incorporate all your chosen color scheme ideas into your next event with our event planner search, and find the perfect venue as a backdrop for your array of educated color choices with our venue search.