One of the best ways to set your event apart from all the rest is by selecting unique event rental items. Modern day rentals can incorporate anything from multi-fabric or pattern coordinating linens to full-scale seating solutions. Accomplishing one-of-a-kind ideas that are truly distinctive is possible with the right type of event rentals.

Check out these rental tips and trends in order to elevate your next event!

Rustic Touches

A natural or rustic look is popular right now with clients. Natural textures that are organic, and eco-friendly, such as linen and wood are popular now. The idea of bringing the outdoors inside has also been a big hit. Rental companies are achieving this by utilizing large “farm” dining tables, garden hedges and natural fibers. This instills a country meets urban sanctuary vibe.

Classic Elements

After years of silver dominating, classic gold accents in glassware and cutlery is making a comeback. Embellishments are being shunned and the look of basic white or white and gold-rimmed plates, glassware and flatware are hot right now. This is one way to cut costs and create a fuss free, timeless look.

Vintage Furniture

Although contemporary lounges are still tending, the old-fashioned, vintage look is also heating up. Vintage style furnishings that feature a slightly weathered look adds a sense of warm and authenticity to events.

Shades of Gray

A hot color, as has been for some time, is gray. It’s a hue that can compliment any event style or accompanying color palate. Infusing gray into custom chair pads, linens or other décor is one way to incorporate the color and create a unified look.

Elaborate Tents

Customers are going for large tents with added dramatic elements, such as glass sides, French doors and multiple levels. Glass tent walls, custom linen and fabrics, crystal chandeliers, and unique tabletop items have all proven popular recently. Large tents are becoming increasingly popular as people recognize the creative freedom available to build an attractive venue almost anywhere. Clear-span tents are in high demand due to the versatility of the interior, particularly because there are no poles to work around. Clear-top tents are also popular, for their visual appeal.

No matter what type of celebration you’re planning, consider hiring an event planner to aid you in your arrangements. Share your event rental photos and recommendations with us on Facebook or Twitter! For more inspiration, check us out on Pinterest.