There’s an app for that. You find yourself saying that for nearly everything, and now you can add events to that list. EventMobi has created on online too that provides event planners with a place to create and customize their own mobile event app. Planners can choose which features to use, and guests can interact with event maps or chat with other attendees. As part of our Technology in Events series, we worked with the EventMobi team to learn more about this highly customizable tool, and see how Snappening readers might enjoy putting it to work at their next meeting, event or conference.
What is EventMobi?

EventMobi is a powerful online tool that provides event planners with the ability to create and customize their own mobile event app. What makes EventMobi unique is the EventMobi Fusion™ HTML5 technology which allows the app to work on any SmartPhone, tablet, or traditional computer and allows the app to continue functioning offline. Having now supported over 2,000 clients in 25 countries around the world, EventMobi is able to reach every attendee regardless of their internet connection or what device they choose to use. With that, event planners are able to offer a richer, more informed event experience for every attendee.

Can you explain EventMobi’s capabilities?
EventMobi provides a powerful platform that is highly customizable. Because every event is different, planners have the choice to use as many or as few features as they desire. EventMobi was actually the first in the industry to offer a Content Manager solution instead of a traditional consulting setup. With this we can help planners develop their skills and understand the changing landscape of technology. Every time there’s a new feature that we introduce, we not only go through the technology behind it, we discuss it in the context of live events and the face-to-face experience.

ARS EventMobi offers the most powerful, fully integrated Audience Response System (ARS), which offers a variety of feedback collection and presentation tools. The ARS is primarily a tool that drives engagement and attentiveness during sessions as well as providing speakers and planners with valuable feedback about the content. The goal with ARS is really to enhance the educational learning aspect of the face-to-face experience.
Attendee Networking ™ This summer, EventMobi introduced a brand new Attendee Networking™ feature to provide a new channel of communication for attendees prior to arriving onsite. Currently it can be a challenge for attendees to find the right people to meet so we built a networking module for people to find and connect with each other. It’s been a big hit due to the fact that it’s a private communication channel but doesn’t require people to make their contact information public.
Direct Notification™ Along with the ARS and Networking capabilities, EventMobi Direct Notification™ is the industry’s most reliable planner-to-attendee messaging tool. People know all about Push Notifications, but the fact of the matter is that it’s really easy for attendees to turn off the Push Notification feature. The average SmartPhone user has over 60 apps on their phone so you can imagine how they feel when yet another app wants to push messages to them all the time. With Direct Notification™, it’s built into the EventMobi app so everyone receives the notification, which can also be sent to the attendee’s email simultaneously. What makes Direct Notification™ truly unique is that planners can send alerts and information to select groups of attendees as well as those whom are attending specific sessions.

Who are the primary users of the EventMobi app?
Anyone who attends an event! Whether it’s an internal meeting or annual conference, EventMobi works to offer attendees the very best mobile app experience. We want to make sure it’s simple and easy to use so that attendees can focus on the content of the event and enjoy the face-to-face experience.

What makes EventMobi better than other event planning applications?
There are a lot of great, unique features of EventMobi that make the attendee’s experience that much better. But what really differentiates EventMobi is its ease of implementation and the support every EventMobi client gets before, during, and after his or her event.

EventMobi can be setup and launched in less than a day. The flexible no-cap per event pricing means planners know exactly what they’re spending and what they’re getting. No hidden fees or extra support costs, we just do everything we can to make sure it’s easy for planners to go mobile. That’s where all their attendees are so we want to make sure it’s quick and simple for them to be there too.

That also means that the EventMobi Support team is there the entire time. Helping clients set up apps, doing quality checks, and providing feedback and best practices are all part of the EventMobi experience. No matter what package of features is purchased, every client gets to sit down with one of our Support Specialists to make sure they get the most out of their event app. We’re not just here to deliver a piece of technology, we want our clients to walk away with a new understanding of attendee behavior in a mobile world.

What are the greatest perks of using EventMobi to plan an event?
Ease and support. Creating and customizing one’s event is all simple click-and-drag functionality. That said, from start to finish, the EventMobi Support team is always there to be the planner’s personal mobile event app expert. Instead of simply handing us the information, planners actually learn and develop their own professional skills understanding not only how technology works, but most importantly, how their attendees interact with technology. We offer full service if planners prefer to have us create everything; however, it’s interesting to note that of the thousands of events we’ve supported so far, only a handful have request full service. Planners who learn and get their hands on the technology not only understand their tools better, they understand their attendees better as well.

How can planners learn more about EventMobi?

We love when people call us at 1(888) 296-8415. Otherwise, planners can always connect via email ( or by attending one of our weekly event app webinars.
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