Family reunions can get the reaction “oh no” or “I can’t wait!” No matter the situation, make the most out of it! Read today’s blog for family reunion planning ideas about who to invite, reunion location and more general guidelines for a fantastic family fest.

Delegating Reunion Tasks

Even if the family reunion was your idea, don’t plan the entire event alone. Ask other family members for their advice on location and timing. If they are willing, get them to help and delegate tasks. One family member can be in charge of sending invitations and RSVPS, designing and ordering t-shirts or finding the perfect location. Remember to discuss the reunion plans regularly and make a reunion timeline so everything gets done and on time. Create a Pinterest board or Google Docs shared space to easily share ideas and documents. (Insider Tip: You can also create your family reunion event on Snappening and take RSVPs, share documents and co-plan the party from anywhere in the world. How’s that for family friendly?)

Family Reunion Invites

The first task is deciding how to invite: first cousins, second cousins or more. Once you’ve decided how much extended family to include, invite everyone who fits within the that category. Send out the invitations as far in advance as possible, up to a year. Since many families don’t all live in the same city, people will generally need to travel. Those who must travel will appreciate this advance notice to be certain to make adjustments to their work or school schedules. If a family reunion is an annual event that takes place around the same time every year, the invitations do not need to go out as early generally.

At Home or Destination Vacation?

A family reunion can be hosted at someone’s home, or be a vacation for the entire family. This choice often depends on who is willing to host a large group in their home, or how central the location is to other family members. If people are coming from afar to visit, make a list of local places to relax such as restaurants and coffee shops nearby so they have something to do during downtime. A home-hosted family reunion is the easiest location for a potluck. Closely situated relatives should bring a dish so the host doesn’t feel obligated to make everything.

If a home-hosted family reunion is out of the question, consider a vacation instead. Some families opt for an all-inclusive vacation at a resort. This may be more costly than an at home party, but eliminates the task of deciding who has to plan the reunion. Also, every family pays for their own reservations instead of the homeowner taking on the expense of hosting the reunion at home. Other options might include traveling to a resort, renting a beach house or going on a cruise.

On the opposite end of an all-inclusive vacation is camping. Camping can range from renting a luxury cabin to sleeping in an RV or opting for a more primitive tent. Each family can spend how much they feel comfortable with spending. Like any camping trip, be certain to bring plenty of activities like bean bag toss, baseball equipment or cards. For reunion food, consider having each family bring some items for sharing, or taking on the entire setup and prep for one meal. Decide who brings the firewood, hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, etc. Deciding on a camping trip could be risky because the weather could turn foul so always have a backup plan such as a hotel, inn or lodge in mind.

Essentials for Every Family Reunion

Bring out the photo albums from previous family reunions. Reminisce about old memories while creating new ones. Depending on how much extended family is invited and how close the family is, consider making name tags for relatives during the event. No matter how well everyone knows each other, consider making a family tree to display so everyone can enjoy it. Family trees are an interesting way to see the entire family’s connection. Custom reunion t-shirts are a fun way for relatives to take away a memory of the event. One of the most important things to do is take a picture of the family! Take a photo at every family reunion and watch as the family grows and develops.

Snappening is here for you if you need help planning your family reunion. Consider hiring a professional event planner for your pesky reunion tasks, or if you still haven’t found the perfect location for your reunion, check out our venue search option.

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