Father’s Day is time to celebrate all dad does for the family, and it’s your time to make him feel appreciated for the same. Snappening’s got the party tips and tricks to throw a party that will knock his socks off! These three Father’s Day party ideas are sure to give dad an event he won’t forget.

Party Idea #1: “Top Dog” Dad

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach:” this famous quote didn’t become well-known by being a half-truth. To wow dad on Father’s Day, this party idea will bring a smile to his face by filling his belly. Everyone has their own unique tastes, so we love the trendy idea of make-your-own bars at events! To show dad what a top dog he is, set up a deliciously drool-worthy make-your-own-hot-dog bar for a fun party idea. Guests can mingle and create their own concoctions on either side of the interactive bar, all while singing dad’s praises. Don’t forget the party banner reminding dad he’s your “Top Dog!”

Party Idea #2: After Dinner Dad Doting

After eating, pamper dad with his own scotch and cigar bar! This personalized treat will make him feel like the guest of honor, even if he has to wait until the kids go to bed to enjoy one or both. Use any TV tray, end table, or bar cart, decorate with dad’s favorite items like scotch and cigars (or whatever he likes best) and be sure to set up a sign on the bar thanking dad for all he does.

Party Idea #3: Daddy’s Caddy

With dad always so busy, make sure he gets what he really wants this year: a day of relaxation and fun on the golf course. Plan a large fiesta or a small family gathering at one of Snappening’s many available golf courses! Guests can eat and mingle (hot dog bar, anyone!?) while dad and friends can enjoy some time on the course! Making sure any kids get a cute “Daddy’s Caddy” shirt and giving dad a present pack to bring on the golf course (pack a bottle of water, a treat, scorecard, extra balls and some tees in a nice compact container) will simply sweeten the deal.

These are just a few fun and unique ideas to make dad’s day special, make sure to share his reaction and your party photos with Snappening on Facebook and Twitter! Also, be sure to check out some more inspiration for dad’s big day on Snappening’s Father’s Day pinboard on Pinterest!