Es tiempo para tu Quinceañera! Your daughter’s 15th birthday is approaching, and it is time to start planning her Quinceañera. Originating in Latin communities around the world, fiesta de quince años is a celebration of the transition from childhood to young womanhood. There is no holding back when it comes to planning your daughter’s Quinceañera. With the help of Snappening, your daughter’s Quinceañera will be a fiesta that is perfecta!

Quinceañera Themes
There are no rules when it comes to picking a Quinceañera theme for your daughter. If she desires an outdoor setting, then try abeach theme held poolside at a local club, venue or family home. This theme will definitely save you a penny or two because the natural elements will supply the perfect scene. The light blue water will not only provide a beautiful backdrop, but it can also be an inspiration to your daughter’s honoree dress colors.

A bolder, but still elegant option for your Quinceañera theme is candy or lollipop. Select a rainbow of colors for the honoree’s dress colors, make the invitations multicolored and have candy centerpieces at every table. To take this theme to the next level, try adding a few lollipops to your daughter’s traditional flower bouquet. Did we mention the candy buffet table? Candy buffets provide not only a beautiful décor item, but also a useful and interactive element to the party. If you aren’t sure you want to do a candy buffet, apopcorn bar is a nice alternative.

A Hollywood theme is another great option to make your daughter truly feel glamorous for her Quinceañera. Set up a red carpet with photographers for guests to use upon arrival. Have your daughter walk down the red carpet to her favorite song while being admired by all her friends and family. She deserves a great entrance to her special night. Top it off with a custom photo booth, Snappening recommends Top Hat Photobooths, to give the party even more of that “ paparazzi” feel.

A three-tier masterpiece or mini delights?

Every Latin family knows the cake is a crucial part when planning a Quinceañera. Have the cake reflect the Quinceañera theme of your celebration. Decorating it to honor your Latin American heritage is also another option. On the other hand, instead of having an elaborate wedding style cake, try serving many little cakes or specially decorated cupcakes. You could ask friends and family to bake a little cake to contribute to the party which will provide many different flavors for all your guests to enjoy.
Quinceañera Decorations
A great option to any themed Quineañcera is floating candles or flowers for centerpieces. Fill various shaped glass bowls with water and add your choice of candles or flowers. Have the flowers complement the dress colors or add color to the water to achieve a similar effect. For a beach party theme, fill the bowls with sand instead of water and place seashells inside. Tall Veladoras wrapped with your daughter’s picture are a creative decoration idea that your guests will love. Add some flair to your candle by using jewels or ribbon.
Chair sashes are another great option and very easy to make or rent. Choose the color fabric you desire and construct it into a bow to be draped on the back of each chair or every other chair. Common fabrics used for creating chair covers are chiffon, tulle, wide ribbon or a combination of these options. Creating your own decorations can be a time-consuming task, but with careful planning and attention to detail, your daughter’s special night will be worth all of the hard work and effort.
Dance the Night Away
Essential to every party is the entertainment. If you’re interested in saving money, make your own playlist instead of hiring a DJ. This way you’ll know and like all the music that is playing. Make CDs for all your guests as a Quinceañera party favor! The dance with the court is of high importance for every Quinceañera. Start planning this dance well in advance of your party date and rehearse frequently. But most importantly, have fun with it!
There is no such thing as over the top when it comes to planning your daughter’s Quinceañera. The most important point to remember when planning this event is to make it unique, memorable and all about that one young lady. Don’t forget if you need help planning, Snappening is here for you. Consider hiring a professional event planner to help create a night to remember, or if you still haven’t found the perfect venue for your Quinceañera, check out our venue search option.
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