Once the ceremony is over and you’re officially husband and wife (or husband and husband, or wife and wife!), don’t make the mistake of paying less attention to the next part of the wedding—the reception! This fun post-nuptial party requires the perfect venue for your guests and you to eat, drink and be merry. However, sifting through all the Indianapolis venue options without any idea about how to pick the one that’s best for you can be stressful. Now, finding the perfect Indianapolis reception hall is easy with these simple secrets!
Part 1: Consider your Reception Style
One of the three main considerations to examine when selecting a reception hall is the style and theme of your celebration. Reception halls differ in design and décor—the trick is identifying the reception party theme and incorporating that logic into your venue selection. A rustic-themed bash with elements of twine, wildflowers and the outdoors lends itself to being most suitable in an outdoor or natural setting reception hall. A fancy, upscale and more formal ceremony may require a classical or traditional reception hall. If you prefer a chic, contemporary celebration then a modern style reception hall option is your best choice. In contrast, if a vintage or antique feel is what you want for your reception, then a historic reception hall could be the perfect match! Once you select the style you want for your reception hall, the next consideration is your reception size, as determined by your guest count.
Part 2: Consider your Reception Size
A major factor in choosing an Indianapolis reception hall is the amount of people invited to the reception that need to fit in your venue. Spatial considerations can range from an extremely small reception party size (25+ guests), to a medium-sized party (100+ guests), to venues that can host a very large party size (500+ guests). To find an Indianapolis venue based on your reception size, visit our easy-to-use venue search tool, modifying your guest count as needed. Make sure to select a  venue style (discussed above) to narrow down your reception hall search results even further. The next factor in finding the one perfect fit—your reception budget.
Part 3: Consider your Reception Budget
The third and final consideration in selecting the perfect Indianapolis reception hall is your event budget. Snappening has a variety of venues based not only on style, and size—but also budget! Whether you have a smaller allowance for the reception, or wish tospare no expense, the budget for your gathering is an important factor in finding the perfect venue. Our budget filter offers a sliding scale. Combining your venue style, guest count and budget coincide to offer your perfect, personalized reception hall venue options.
Now that the search is over and you’ve found the perfect reception hall, it’s time to party! Discover reception and wedding party ideas on our Wedding Designs pinboard to fill your perfect venue with the perfect party essentials. Planning the inner workings of the party sound like too much stress? Find the ultimate event or wedding planner to take all of the work off of your shoulders with our event planner search. And if you want even more venue options, discover them on our Indianapolis Wedding Event Venuespinboard!