The snow is starting to melt, spring is just around the corner, and everything seems to be getting greener by the second! This can only mean one thing, St. Patrick’s Day is coming! With tons of green food and traditional Irish dishes, it can be challenging settling on a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party menu. Whether you fancy four-leaf clovers and pots of gold appetizers or traditional corn beef and hash entrees, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the menu ideas you’ll need!

Green & Great Appetizer Idea #1: Traditional Cheddar & Chive Potato Bread

This tasty, cheesy potato bread screams Irish tradition. If you’re looking to make an authentic, Irish menu, start with this Potato Bread recipe, but be sure to make plenty because your guests will eat this up in seconds!

Green & Great Appetizer Idea #2: Green Pizza
Who doesn’t love pizza?! Add any combination of broccoli, peppers, spinach, zucchini, or whatever other green toppings you love to store-bought pizza dough with your preference of cheese. Cut your pizza in squares or strips and serve!

Green & Great Appetizer Idea #3: Zucchini Rolls
If you’re looking for a lighter appetizer option, look no further! Cut zucchini into strips and stuff with fat free goat cheese. You can add tomatoes, mushrooms, or whatever you want! Eating green and clean never tasted so good!

Green & Great Appetizer Idea #4: Shamrock Cheese Bites
Getting the kids to eat their veggies has never been this easy! Cutting a green pepper naturally forms into a shamrock shape. Top an English muffin with cheddar cheese and one of your shamrock peppers and bake!

Super St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Idea #1: Irish Bangers

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day quite like Irish sausage, Irish Boxty Potatoes, and Sauteed Swiss Chard. This entree will make your guests feel like they’re in the heart of Dublin, eating like regular old Irish folk!

Super St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Idea #2: Corned Beef & Vegetables

If sausage isn’t the right Irish dish for your guests, you can’t go wrong with traditional Corned Beef, served with wholesome veggies like cabbage, potatoes and carrots. This authentic, Irish recipe will keep the leprechauns coming so be sure to make plenty!

Super St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Idea #3: Green Mac n’ Cheese
The kids are sure to go crazy for this green, cheesy goodness! Adding pureed spinach to your favorite mac n’ cheese recipe will excite the kids with the bright green color, and ease your worries about them getting all their veggies.

Super St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Idea #4: Crock Pot Potato Soup
What honors Ireland better than potatoes? This rich, silky potato soup will leave you and your guests warm and plenty satisfied. But save room for dessert because that’s up next!

Lavish Leprechaun Dessert Idea #1: Leprechaun Cookie Bark

What’s a better combination than mint cookies, St. Patrick’s day sprinkles, pretzels and green M&Ms? Mix that all together and get the best Leprechaun Cookie Bark recipe ( The kids will love it and the leftovers in the lunch boxes will make them the most envied kids in the cafeteria!

Lavish Leprechaun Dessert Idea #2: Green Fruit Kabobs
If you’re looking for a healthier dessert option, this one is for you! Alternate green apples, honeydew melon, kiwi, and green grapes on a kabob skewer and serve!

Lavish Leprechaun Dessert Idea #3: Irish Cream Brownies
It doesn’t get better than creamy chocolate brownies, topped with a rich, green Irish cream frosting. Your guests will go crazy for this decadent treat!

Lavish Leprechaun Dessert Idea #4: Pot of Gold Cookies
Decorating cookies is a fun, easy option you can use for any holiday party. These pot of gold cookies are a perfect way to end your fabulous St. Patrick’s Day dinner party in gorgeous style!

A menu like this is sure to impress your guests and begging for your recipes! If you need help making your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party even better, check out our endless list of party venues and event planners. Did we miss any of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day foods? Share your own with us on Facebook and Twitter! For even more St. Patrick’s Day inspiration, visit our St. Patrick’s Day – Lucky you! Pinterest board!