Tired of your typical Fourth of July party that seems to be on repeat each year? Snappening’s got the tips and tricks to stand out in the crowd this time, and throw the most unique and rustic-themed patriotic party your guests have ever seen! Use these party ideas to plan a truly distinctive bash to celebrate America in style.

Rustic 4th of July Idea #1: Rural Décor

Rustic 4th of July Idea #2: Comfort is Key
To really set your Fourth of July party apart, create a beautiful and old-fashioned display for your party with these décor ideas. First, for a rustic atmosphere, consider using old watering cans spray painted red, white and blue. Either hang these from tree branches around your venue, or use them as table centerpieces and fill them with our next tip: wildflowers. Nothing says rustic outdoors more than simple, tiny, pristine and rugged wildflowers. Instead of traditional florals—pick some red, white and blue wildflowers to complete your rugged décor. Finally, add glow to your patriotic party as the sun is setting with some old-fashioned lanterns for lighting. These simple and rustic lights add a casual feel to your event, are soft enough not to distract from the fireworks. They may even ward off mosquitoes if you add citronella candles to the mix!

Rustic 4th of July Idea #3: Festive Food and Drink
To ensure your guests’ comfort as well as incorporate the rustic theme into all aspects of your patriotic party, consider using straw for your seating arrangements! Set the bales up however you want your guests to interact—in a circle for close conversation, in rows to watch fireworks, etc. Then, cover each bale with a festive red, white and blue old-fashioned quilt. For warmth once the sun sets, provide guests with red, white and blue plaid blankets arranged throughout the party locale.
When supplying treats for your unique patriotic party, it’s important to separate your party from other 4th of July BBQs! Instead of hot dogs or fries, consider baking old-fashioned homemade cherry and blueberry pies for your guests. This deliciously dated treat can easily be decorated for the 4th by cutting the top crusts into stars and stripes, and topped with whipped topping it truly embodies the red, white and blue of the holiday. Another old-fashioned treat with a fun twist? Caramel apples! It may have been years since your family and friends have enjoyed these treats, and when you add red, white and blue sprinkles on top, you get yet another festive food item for your unique event. Finally, your guests are going to be thirsty after enjoying all your party treats.For a fun twist on a traditional bar, set up an old wheelbarrow in the middle of your outdoor venue, pour in lots of ice, and fill the rustic barrow with water bottles and beer for everyone to enjoy!
Enjoy this wonderfully different break from the typical stars and stripes Fourth of July. Be sure to share your one-of-a-kind party experience with Snappening on Facebook and Twitter, and view all of our other patriotic party ideas on our Americana Party Faves pinboard on Pinterest. To find a perfect venue for your unique 4th of July shindig, check out Snappening’s event venue search engine. And if you feel like sitting back and relaxing while someone else does the hard work, find the perfect patriotic party planner with our event planner search engine.